Pentagon reveals recommendations for renaming nine Army bases

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The union representing federal corrections officers is calling for the removal of the Illinois federal prison warden. The US Civil Service Federation said guards at Thomson Prison have not made any workforce changes despite federal officials pointing out repeated sexual misconduct by inmates. AFGE said the incident created a dangerous work environment…

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  • Unions Representing Federal Correctional Officers calling for removal Warden of the Illinois Federal Penitentiary. The US Civil Service Federation said guards at Thomson Prison have not made any workforce changes despite federal officials pointing out repeated sexual misconduct by inmates. AFGE said these incidents created an unsafe work environment for its employees, leading some to stress-induced illnesses. In 2022, there were 321 sexual misconduct cases in prisons.
  • The Army is losing its second key tech executive in recent months. The Army’s Chief Information Officer, Raj Iyer, is leaving federal service after serving more than two years. Iyer is his contract ends in the coming weeks. He doesn’t have a departure date yet. Iyer is the Army’s first civilian CIO, taking on the role shortly after the Army split his CIO/G6 responsibilities in August 2020. During his tenure as CIO, Iyer focused on changing the culture of technology and modernization. Among his achievements are the launch of his cArmy Cloud his platform, virtual desktops, and cloud services outside the United States. (Army CIO Iyer resigns after more than two years – Federal News Network)
  • Ministry of Defense begins change name of military installations named after the Commonwealth. The announcement follows his congression-mandated 90-day waiting period that began when the Naming Commission shared his third and final part of the report with Congress and the Secretary of Defense in September 2022. Thing. Renaming includes nine Army bases and over 1,100 other military assets. Among the changes, Fort Bragg in North Carolina will become Fort Liberty, Fort Benning in Georgia will become Fort Moore, and Fort Hood in Texas will become Fort Cavazos. The Pentagon’s renaming effort will cost more than $62 million.
  • Federal diversity leaders aim to expand the work of internal agencies to improve diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility. General Services Administration has created a centralized American Sign Language component. This effort can be done by other institutions as well. Janice Underwood, the first-ever government-wide chief and his Diversity Officer, said: The institution shared many of his DEIA efforts underway at the recent Diversity Summit.
  • The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council is gearing up for a busy 2023. There are 19 rules in the final stage and another 29 in the proposed rules stage.The Office of Management and Budget has released an annual update A unified regulatory agenda It details each agency’s rulemaking efforts. Some of the FAR Council’s final-stage rules codify contractor whistleblower protections. The other is to create a 360-degree feedback mechanism for the agency’s pre- and post-award processes. The other creates FAR Part 40, a single, unified place for cybersecurity supply chain risk management requirements.
  • With 2023 in full swing, it is expected to be another busy year in the world of cyber policy. The White House is expected to announce a new national cyber strategy in the coming months. It lays out the Biden administration’s plan for securing digital networks, including a potential shift to a more regulatory approach. Cybersecurity and infrastructure security agencies are also expected to move toward finalizing new cyber incident reporting requirements this year. Government agencies also want to advance Zero Trust implementations and adoption of secure software development practices. (Future National Cyber ​​Strategy Highlights 2023 Cybersecurity Agenda – Federal News Network)
  • Private debt collectors hired by the IRS receive mixed reviews from agency oversight bodies. A private debt collector contracted by the IRS between April 2017 and September 2021, he collected more than $1 billion from delinquent taxpayers. According to a new report from Financial Inspector General for Tax AdministrationPrivate debt collectors have arranged payment plans for more than 188,000 taxpayers, of whom more than half defaulted. The IRS said he did not renew contracts with two private debt collection contractors and terminated payment plans for nearly 15,000 taxpayers totaling $108 million.
  • Can be used by future spies New recruitment portal It was launched by the CIA this week. The new portal is called MyLINK and can be accessed at The agency said it would streamline the hiring process and help recruit talented individuals to join foreign intelligence missions. and upload your resume. CIA recruiters will follow up with someone who can meet the CIA’s needs.
  • of Postal Service Regulators new deputy commander. Mark Acton serves a one-year term as Vice Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. Acton is serving his third term on the committee, his six-year term, the longest by the end of his current term since he was appointed by President George W. Bush nearly 20 years ago. Become a member.
  • Military members get 12– weeks of parental leave from this year. The birth parent is entitled to her 12 weeks for childbirth and delivery, in addition to doctor-mandated convalescence leave. The previous policy was that the biological parent had her six weeks and the non-biological parent had no additional leave. Adoptive parents can also take time off. The 12 weeks can be used in stages or all at once at any time until the child’s first birthday. Pentagon reveals recommendations for renaming nine Army bases

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