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People living in densely populated cities in the UK tend to feel lonely


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People living in dense urban areas, especially those with densely populated apartments, are more likely to experience Lonely And isolated, a large study of British cities was discovered.

Chris Webster The University of Hong Kong and his colleagues analyzed health data for approximately 406,000 people held in 22 cities in the United Kingdom. UK Biobank We compared it with detailed environmental data such as the proximity to crowded roads and green spaces.

The team found that people’s self-reported loneliness increased by 2.8% for every 1000 additional homes within 1 km of their home, and self-reported social isolation increased by 11.4%.Researchers manage factors such as age, health, and socio-economic status, with the impact of men retiree..

Men with the highest density are 23.5% more likely to report loneliness and retirees in the areas with the highest housing density are 17.4% more likely to report loneliness than men living in the least densely populated areas. it was high.

“Our research shows that loneliness is not only prevalent in 21st-century cities, but it is so endemic that it can detect and measure regular patterns,” Webster said. Says.

The team also looked at the mental health implications of each type of home and found that people living near densely populated single-family homes were less likely to experience loneliness and social isolation. On the other hand, the high density of apartments is associated with an increase in these factors, and researchers may be due to lack of privacy and control, which may be creating social stress. Suggests.

They say the findings indicate the need for urban design and density planning to be considered in strategies to address the chronic conditions associated with loneliness.

“Housing is a fundamental component of a city, and how it’s packed can be one of the keys to creating a healthy and resilient city in the future,” says team members. .. Chinmoy Circer, At the University of Hong Kong.

Journal reference: Landscape and city planning, DOI: 10.1016 / j.landurbplan.2021.104194

Need to listen? Samaritan in England: 116123; US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 800 273 8255; Hotlines in other countries.

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People living in densely populated cities in the UK tend to feel lonely

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