People with disabilities facing numerous challenges during pandemic – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-05-15 00:30:20 –

Everyone was forced to adapt, but no one was considered in the change.

The state surveyed seven disability focus groups, including the visually impaired, the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, and the hearing impaired, and investigated how COVID affected their daily lives.

“Education, employment, transportation, housing, food access, social experience, voting, etc. were in several categories,” McNiben said.

With all Zoom calls and virtual learning, high-speed internet has become more important than ever.

“If the movement is very fast and there is no corresponding internet and service, the sign language interpreter who can clearly see the sign language interpreter will be very slow to sign and out of sync,” McNiven said. I will.

Last year, parents also played the role of teachers.

Parents and students with disabilities faced additional challenges.

“They didn’t have the skills and assistive skills needed to attend the class,” Forsyth explained.

The same obstacle happened at work.

“You may have the screen reader technology you like … if you are a wheelchair user the way you need it and when you go home you can maneuver when you go home Nothing is set up on your desk in such a way, “Forsyth said.

Grocery shopping has become more complicated.

“People who are visually impaired or who can hear the voice of the visually impaired encounter problems when shopping alone in a store, going down one aisle in one direction and down another aisle in another. I ran into the problem of having to, but there are signs they can’t see, “explained McNiven.

Social distance has also caused more anxiety. Not being able to see if someone was at a safe distance was another thing.

“When working with the deafblind, they can’t see their hands to understand the language. They need to feel it.

There were also reports that parking spaces for people with disabilities were used for outdoor dining.

When New Mexico opens, states and people with disabilities want everyone to include them in their plans.

“How will we change? Do you know these environments we have set up with people with disabilities in mind?” Forsythe asked.

People with disabilities facing numerous challenges during pandemic Source link People with disabilities facing numerous challenges during pandemic

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