Perfect Students Guide: How to Write Essays More Quickly

College life isn’t a walk in a garden full of flowers. Students are bombarded with multiple assignments, rapidly approaching deadlines, and let’s not forget the wrath of a professor if one doesn’t meet the expectation! But there is a way out; streamline it all with these fantastic ways to quickly write an essay!

Understand the Assignment Right

At the college level, you will not receive any random assignment. Every bit of it matters for your degree. Instructors are brilliant, and they only come up with tasks that will add to your skillset; therefore, it is crucial to understand the purpose of the project and the correct way to approach it. If you think you can skip this step and still write a perfect essay, then you are sadly mistaken. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to put some effort into the work.

Here is a list of all the ways you can cut out the confusion!

Spend Only 20% of Your Time on Outlining

Everyone out there appreciates having an outline before writing an essay. After all, it allows students to condense the entire article into a shorter guide they can refer to at all times. Unfortunately, even though it is so vital and much appreciated, many students skip outlines in a rush; however, that is not advisable. Instead, the ideal solution would be to spend about 20 percent of your time on an effective outline.

That way, you save time for other essential and tempting writing tasks while giving the outline a significant amount of time. It will not slow you down; and instead, it will be the bright light that guides you quicker and saves the rest of your time. You can also trust the quality of your outline, much important information to different parts of your essay without having to edit the final draft too much. It will help you learn and understand your topic better. Who knew synthesizing information could be this easy and using it for perfect essay writing.

Make a Strong Introduction and Conclusion

We all know that the first impression is the last, so what is the first impression of your essay? The introduction, of course! It puts twice as much pressure on your introduction. You must make sure it is exciting and allows the reader to grasp the purpose of your writing quickly.

If an introduction doesn’t have a hook for the reader, it is a waste of time. Your reader will quickly flip away from your work to another author’s, and no way is that going to impress your professor. So instead, give a brief background and overview and end the introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement.

Now, let’s discuss the conclusion that readers will remember the most because it is your actual voice. Write a firm conclusion, and don’t forget to restate the thesis here, but in different words. Make sure you end your essay with a bang. The more effective, the better! However, if you don’t feel confident about your skills, you can always seek essay help online.

Follow a Standard Structure

Let’s dive a little deeper into the structure of the essay. Many students tend to deviate from one structure and turn it into a mess rather than a way to impress teachers. If you want to get done with your essay quickly, then stick to your standard structure. Never convince yourself to over complicate a simple format that can help you manage your time. And let’s not forget: a traditional structure has its charm. It’s quick, easy to follow, and organizes the essay in a better way.

Here are the components of a standard one:

If you have a deadline approaching, we will discourage experimenting with some new structure you know nothing about, but you can do it to enhance your knowledge whenever you have free time. For example, you can check out an essay online to better understand a standard structure and finish your assignment in time.

Don’t Be Tempted to Copy and Paste

Yes, it is understood that deadlines can get on your nerves and turn you into a desperate person looking for quick ways to turn your assignment in. it can get as worse as forcing a student to copy and paste work from the internet. That is the worst possible solution you can ever think about; more than a solution, it is a problem, a trap!

Instead of falling weak, gather some strength and work on original work. If you copy and paste someone else’s work, the software readily detects it and gets you into trouble. Plagiarism will leave you looking very bad, and the teacher will cancel your work too. To save time, you lose your grade. Instead, look up a few articles, start adding your ideas to them, and paraphrase a bit of the information if you want to get done with the content quickly. It is an intelligent way out of the problem. It is one of our best tips for writing essays.

Don’t Forget About Revision

Frequently, students get so absorbed with the question “how to quickly write an essay” that they forget that they can’t skip steps; they can only pace up. In addition, students are so tempted to finish the work and get rid of it that they submit the task without giving it a thorough revision.

Don’t skip this step because it helps you improve your work and remove mistakes. You can fix your grammar, use the right words, and remove irrelevant information from the piece. Leave some time in the bag for the revision step; otherwise, a quick attempt will turn into a fiasco for you. Investing a few final minutes into this step won’t harm you!


If you want to finish your essay on time or even earlier, this guide will surely put you ten steps ahead. You will not feel clueless or scared in the face of a writing challenge and will score decent marks too! So get yourself together and start writing.

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