Peter Thiel criticizes Google and Apple for being too close to China

Palantir Technologies Inc. Peter Thiel, co-founder and chairman of the company, will speak at a press conference in Tokyo on Monday, November 18, 2019.

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Technology investor Peter Thiel appeared at a virtual event held by the Richard Nixon Foundation on Tuesday, criticizing a major US tech company for being too close to China.

Co-founder Thiel PayPal Sitting with FacebookAfter making an early investment, the board of directors is a candid voice in the world of technology investment, known for its dissenting opinions and conservative tendencies. He supported defense industry contractors like Palantir and publicly supported former President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

On Wednesday, Nixon’s session focused on China, which was joined by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien.

Thiel criticized Google According to a record of the event reviewed by CNBC, the artificial intelligence efforts with Chinese universities were partly due to conversations with corporate insiders.

“Google was effectively working with the Chinese, not the US, because everything in China is a fusion of the private sector and the military,” Thiel said. He was also sad to say that Google’s “insiders” were working with the Chinese.

Thiel had before Criticized Google in 2019The FBI and CIA said they should investigate Google and ask if it was compromised by Chinese spies.

Google spokesperson Said At that time: “As I said before, we are not cooperating with the Chinese military.”

Thiel also said Apple Due to the huge supply chain for manufacturing iPhones and other products in the country, there was little chance of facing China.He has other big tech companies like Facebook Amazon And Microsoft The country may not have that broad business interests because the Chinese government limits what it can do there.

He called on the United States to scrutinize Apple for “a lot of pressure” for the domestic labor supply chain.

“”“Apple may be structurally a real problem because the entire iPhone supply chain is made from China,” Thiel said.

He also seems to have changed his position in Bitcoin during the talk. Thiel invested in a Bitcoin company, Said before He is a “long Bitcoin” and considers it a “digital version of gold”.

On Tuesday, Thiel said Bitcoin was threatening the US dollar.

“I’m a kind of crypto, a maximalist of Probitcoin, but at this point I wonder if Bitcoin should also be considered as part of China’s financial weapons against the United States, which threatens fiat money. China’s long Bitcoin, especially because it threatens the US dollar and China wants to do something to weaken it. “

Peter Thiel criticizes Google and Apple for being too close to China

Source link Peter Thiel criticizes Google and Apple for being too close to China

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