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Petition filed demanding grand jury investigation of OK County DA Prater – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2021-12-06 21:51:30 –

Oklahoma City (Free press) — Over 7,000 signatures have been collected for a petition for initiative by those seeking an investigation by DA David Prater’s grand jury. Only 5,000 valid signatures are required to move to the next stage of the process.

Under Oklahoma State law, the Oklahoma County Election Commission must receive a petition signed by a court clerk the following Tuesday. The board has a seven-day grace period to verify the signature. Judge Richard C. Ogden has 30 days to convene a grand jury if there are enough valid signatures.

The DA usually requires a grand jury convocation. However, in this case, the DA is subject to a grand jury request at the initiative of the public.

Some people wonder why all the problems happened because the plater said he would never run again.

But those at the forefront of the effort say that the grand jury investigation they seek is to send a message to anyone who becomes a DA that Prater’s approach is incorrect and will be challenged.

“I’m sick of bullying”

While waiting for the petitioners to submit 10 boxes of paperwork, FreePress spoke with Jabee Williams, one of the few who organized the initiative’s petition movement. I asked how important this action was.

“It shows that the community is bullied, threatened, hungry for power, and fed up with people who don’t treat the community properly,” Williams said. “This shows that we know we can do anything when the community gets together.”

“And hopefully it will set a precedent for the next DA and set an example for communities and communities to take responsibility for their actions,” continued Williams.

“It’s huge,” said Nick Singer, who helped submit over 7,000 petition signatures. In other words, organized people who show that citizens can come together to make things happen and show their power. Oh yeah, very, very important. “

On Monday, December 6, 2021, there were 10 boxes lined up with 655 petitions, each with 11 signatures, for submission to the Oklahoma County Court Secretary’s office. (BRETT DICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

“Very disappointed”

Julius Jones’ sister, Antoinette Jones, attended and helped submit the petition. Jones was recently pardoned by Governor Kevin Stitt hours before Jones was scheduled to be executed. He was indicted by Bob Macy, DA of Oklahoma County at the time. The current DA David Prater tried to uphold Julius Jones’ death sentence, and the OKC community seemed overly enthusiastic about whatever he could do to ensure that Jones was executed. ..

We are deeply disappointed that DA Prater continued to try to help Julius kill and made his life intolerable in his prejudice. And talking about his prejudices really has to do with our community, “said Antoinette Jones in a prepared statement from the family.

She continued. “Thanks to our community for strengthening their signatures. We continue to fight for Julius’freedom. Again, I live Julius’ life. Thank God every day and thank you for being able to continue to fight for God’s freedom. “

Unfounded suspicion

When the petition was first announced, some media outlets asked if it would be possible to collect that number of signatures in the 45 days the group had.

I asked Duron Wise what to show to those who didn’t think this could be done.

“For me, it shows that we were effective in our message as a collective to the county voters, and that David Prater has really abused his power as a district attorney since taking office. “Wise said.

He, despite being submitted by Platter Accusations against five police officers People involved in police shooting Death of Stabian Rodriguez As in some other cases, the general public is still aware and angry of high-level police shootings in the community throughout history and to this day.

Wise said that was the reason why so much energy was spent on this petition.

David Prater, a lawyer in the Oklahoma County district, answers questions from the press after winning the court on November 30, 2020. (BRETT DICKERSON / Okla City Free Press)

Jess Eddie, one of the original organizers, later told Free Press in the following message: “Collecting signatures is undoubtedly a daunting and time-consuming task, and there were factors of fear to overcome. Many, of course, help platters target and retaliate fear. I was worried about doing or even signing. “

However, Eddy said there are “two factors” that have led the group to obtain more than 2,000 signatures more than necessary.

  • “Plater’s behavior towards blacks is widely known among the general public.”
  • “A group of truly dedicated people who promoted a gathering of signatures.”

Eddie described volunteers as “relentless.”

“It was beautiful and exciting to see,” Eddie said.

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Petition filed demanding grand jury investigation of OK County DA Prater Source link Petition filed demanding grand jury investigation of OK County DA Prater

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