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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) – Looking for a new pet? Check out News2’s “PetsoftheWeek” segment every Tuesday at Good Morning Nashville.

Roger-1 year and 3 months-castrated man

Roger arrived at MACC as a lost child on August 25, 2021, and has been in and out of several foster homes ever since. One of Rogers’ growers said: He loves rope tugboats, chewing, and exploring our backyard. He is kind to dogs and people, waving his tail and sometimes barking “Hello, let’s play”. I know that the outside pot gently takes a treat and sits and shakes. On a walk, he’s ok, pulling the string hard at first, but then calms down. He prefers quiet roads to busy streets. Email

Pickles-1 year-castrated man

Pickles were brought to MACC as a lost child on November 1, 2021. He recently went out for a bow wow breakout. His Foster said: Toilet training and crate training. I love to snuggle up after playing. Very sweet, don’t beg, just want to chase you and be your best friend. Email

Harley-2 years-female undergoing contraceptive castration surgery

Harley has been the surrender of the owner who hasn’t left since coming to MACC on November 3, 2021. Harley’s owner has informed us that she is very active, affectionate, very playful, likes to be embraced, and friendly with humans and other dogs. Harley is looking for an eternal home that can complete recovery with some complications after contraceptive surgery. Her staples must be removed by December 3rd so she can get out of activity restrictions. Email

Zip-10 years old-castrated man-now in foster care

Zip surrendered by its owner on August 3, 2021, weighing 20 pounds. His breeders have helped Zip by gradually losing weight through monitored calorie intake rather than free feeding. The original owner of Zip said he was a couch potato, friendly with friends and family, sometimes sociable, somewhat playful, quiet, and unwilling to be embraced. Email

Nash-2 years-castrated man-now in foster care

Nash was taken to MACC on April 29 as the owner’s surrenderNS, 2021 after being adopted from our shelter in 2019. Nash weighs 29.40 pounds and is terribly overweight, has lost 14 pounds since then and is now 15 pounds. Nash caregivers wanted to say that Nash was very shy at first, but about a month later he began to take an interest in food and light meals. He loves being brushed and stroked (sometimes throating), but he shows no aggressive behavior and remains very shy. After welcoming him for about seven months, Nash enjoys spending time with his foster parents and getting all the attention. Nash is still waiting for his eternal family to snuggle up. Email

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