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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) — Looking for a new pet? Check out News2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday at Good Morning Nashville.

Jacks – 1 year old castrated dog

Adopt Jacks! This absolutely adorable dog is 1 year old and is almost perfect. He loves other dogs and is great for socializing. Who is the patio? He has gorgeous brindle colors and huge shepherd ears. He loves everyone and every event he goes to is a star of the show. Can he be adopted? Email To meet him, he lives in a lovely foster home!

Maria – 1 year old contraceptive neuter dog

Maria is so sweet and affectionate! Especially on rainy days, if you want love and someone to cheer you up, she’s perfect! Kiss and lie at your feet and draw attention with all the pets you can give her. She knows to sit, but she’s so excited about the treat that she doesn’t sit long. Come to MACC to see her! Email

Female – 2-year-old contraceptive neuter dog

True to her name, this puppy has all the right manners. She’s easy on the laces and pots outside. She sits snugly on the snack and takes her gently. If you have the affection she gives, she will absorb it all. She loves to be loved. She has the softest ears and then a sloppy beard – so cute! Email

Simba – 9 year old contraceptive neutered cat

Use Simba! This beautiful 9-year-old contraceptive neutered cat recently surrendered after her owner died with livelihood support. She was scared here and wasn’t around too many people or animals, but she loves a cozy sofa to hang out and a quiet place to rest. Come to MACC to meet this recruitable cat! Email

Leonardo da Vinci – 9 year old castrated cat

Leonardo da Vinci came to the shelter as a lost child. There were two body wall hernias on his belly, probably due to previous trauma. He was a completely tolerant patient and wore an electronic collar after surgery until all the incisions had healed. With the staples gone, he is very happy to sit on anyone’s lap, snort and scratch his chin. Leo loves both giving and receiving, so he’s looking for a family home where he can make lots of biscuits on the couch or bed (or even on his lap!)! Email

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