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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-05-27 21:58:17 –

Dr. Joanne Li of the CFA announced today that Cathy Pettid of the LMHP has been appointed Deputy Prime Minister of UNO’s Student Life and Welfare as a result of a system-wide investigation, awaiting approval by the NU Board of Directors.

Petid, who has played a tentative role since November 2021, will officially begin his role on Thursday, May 26, as part of Prime Minister Lee’s team of executive leaders. She also continues her role as UNO Student Dean.

“Cathy is a tireless supporter of our students,” said Prime Minister Lee. “In all the roles she played in UNO, her student experience is a priority for her, and she has the opportunity to engage students, support overall health and maintain a campus that welcomes students. Has played an important role in. “

The role of the Student Welfare Division will help expand the role of UNO as a city university, as more and more students need a sense of purpose and belonging when completing their education, as well as strong academic support. Improve the needs of today’s students and thereby improve their classroom performance and prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders. Establishing Petid’s position is the next step in an innovative restructuring effort that began earlier this year, including the formation of a successful department for educational institutions and students.

As Deputy Prime Minister of Student Life and Welfare, Petid will become Chief Strategist, demonstrating leadership in all UNO Student Support Services and working closely with other members of the Prime Minister’s leadership team to meet where students are. Assist and provide trauma-sensitive care. Opportunity for intentional engagement.She oversees the area including Office multicultural issues; Gender & Sexuality Resource Center; Military Connected Resource Center; Health service; Accessibility services; Student behavior and community standards; Student involvement; Housing and housing life; Counseling and psychological services (CAPS); Campus recreationYouth safety; Success Academy; When Project achievement..

“It was part of UNO’s growth on campus today, but I was excited to see what the next generation of student involvement and student support would look like and what the next chapter would look like. “I’m doing it,” Petid said. “After two years of major changes in our world and our daily lives, building stability and resources for our students is the most important thing we can do now as an educational institution. It’s one of those things. “

Petted, a qualified mental health professional, joined UNO in 1995 as part of UNO’s then university department and counseling services. She became Director of CAPS in 2012, until she became Senior Director of Achievements and Director of Academic and Career Development Centers. Petid was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in 2016 for student success and student dean.

During his time at UNO, Pettid has helped lead and innovate student support initiatives such as mental health awareness, career development opportunities, student code of conduct revisions, and community development learning. She received the UNO Prime Minister’s Medal in 2020, the Delweber Student Services Award in 2019 and 2021, and the Prime Minister’s Committee on the Status of Women’s Outstanding Achievement Awards in 2014.

Pettid is a member of the Higher Education Student Secretariat (NASPA). Title IX Coordinator, Investigator, and Managers Association (ATIXA); Higher Education and Disability Association (AHEAD) in particular.

Petid, a UNO graduate, earned a Master of Science degree in counseling from UNO. She also holds a degree in Psychology from Nebraska Wessrian University.

Pettid Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Wellbeing | News Source link Pettid Named Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Wellbeing | News

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