PG & E spends at least $ 15 billion on power line burial in California – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-23 20:27:44 –

San Ramon, CA — Pacific Gas & Electric plans to fill 10,000 miles of power lines to prevent frayed grids from causing wildfires when electrical equipment collides with millions of trees and other vegetation.

The difficult project, announced Wednesday, aims to fill approximately 10% of PG & E’s power lines with an estimated cost of $ 15 to $ 30 billion.

Most of that cost can be borne by PG & E customers, who already have the highest electricity prices in the United States.

PG & E goes safe shortly after notifying regulators that a 70-foot pine tree that fell on one of its power lines caused a major fire in the same rural area of ​​Butte County, about 145 miles northeast of San Francisco. We have strengthened our efforts. Equipment in 2018 killed more than 80 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

The former PG & E administration has resolutely resisted plans to fill long power lines due to the enormous cost.

However, recently hired CEO Patricia “Patti” Poppe told reporters Wednesday. After joining PG & E in January, she quickly realized that it was the best way to protect both the utility and the 16 million people who depend on electricity.

“It’s too expensive not to do that. Life is at a loss,” Poppe told reporters.

However, getting the job done within the next decade requires breakthroughs. In some areas where PG & E is already filling power lines, it completes about 70 miles a year.

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