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Tulsa, Oklahoma-The time for the PGA Championship in Tulsa is approaching.

Of course, it’s a very important event for the Green Country, but the PGA is doing other influential work as well.

A program called the PGA HOPE aims to help veterans connect and interact with other veterans through golf. It is part of the PGAREACH Charitable Foundation, which aims to improve lives through golf.

The word HOPE is an acronym for helping patriots everywhere. It’s about getting veterans into the game.

One of several groups in the Green Country will meet at the Indian Springs club in Broken Arrow.

Waco Blakley is a Marine and Air Force veteran. He is also a PGA Hope South Central Ambassador.

“We’re driving veterans out of the house, which may be dealing with PTSD, anxiety, and traumatic brain injury,” Waco said. “The isolation is very unhealthy.”

The goal of the program is to make meaningful connections.

“It’s absolutely amazing,” Waco said. “And now these guys are sharing a phone number. They are drinking coffee with each other. It’s just a unique way for them to connect with each other. And a little exercise in golf. “

PGA HOPE is funded by PGA REACH and is free for veterans. They meet weekly for 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Each group has a PGAPRO instructor who also receives adaptive coaching and military culture training.

“They are very attentive, very ambitious and determined people,” Waco said. “And more importantly, they love veterans.”

Thomas Nickles is one of the many veterans on the PGA Hope.

“I love hitting the ball,” Nickles said. “It’s very stress-relieving for me, you know, and I need it. But I’m completely enjoying it. It’s here with these guys It’s the highlight of my day to come. “

Nickles said Blakley persuaded him to come out on the golf course to deal with.

“I’m worried. When I come here, it’s like stepping into another planet,” Nickles said. “So that was really hard for me.”

And that’s a big deal for you too.

“We are always looking for veterans,” Blakley said. “But Oklahoma is a very unique place because no one loves veterans like Oklahoma.”

The PGA Hope and the Department of Veterans Affairs have a memorandum of understanding. This allows you to be referred to a program that assists veterans as a form of treatment.

If you’re a veteran or want to know more about the PGA HOPE, visit the following URL: Their website.

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