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Boston, Massachusetts 2022-05-18 13:13:21 –

MThe infamous “Pharma Bro” Altin Sucreli, who was sentenced to imprisonment for securities fraud, was transferred to a half-baked house run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons after completing a program to reduce prison time. lawyer.

Sukreri was serving a federal prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania, and was scheduled to be released in September. He was detained in federal prison until September 14, according to a prison spokesman. There were no more comments from his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman. Sucreli was previously denied two early releases.

Unexpected movement that first came to light On twitter Wednesday morning is the latest twist on a complex and sensational story that has confused Americans over Sukreli, who played a major role in the controversy over rising costs of prescription drugs.


A former hedge fund manager was quickly cursed by his self-righteous reaction to criticism that the former company bought an old life-saving drug, raised it by 4,000% overnight, and then abused the drug pricing system. rice field. Price increases have created a wave of anger in the industry, especially Sucreli, who was a child of the poster for pharmaceutical greed.

Earlier this year he Ordered By paying a profit of $ 64.6 million, a lifetime from the industry was banned. This decision followed a trial accused of suppressing competition by federal and state authorities. Experts who testified on behalf of the government calculated that if drug prices were not raised as before, his company’s sales would be $ 67.6 million less.


By that time, Sukreri had already been sentenced to seven years in prison for securities fraud. Securities regulators have misleaded investors in hedge funds managed by Sucreli and claimed to have misappropriated nearly $ 1 million.He was Permanently banned He was fined $ 1.39 million for violating securities laws between 2009 and 2014 for serving as an officer or director of a listed company.

For those interested in the drug price story, it began when Turing Pharmaceuticals purchased Daraprim, a drug taken by HIV patients, and raised the price from $ 17.50 per tablet to $ 750. This move sparked criticism of the pharmaceutical industry at a moment when the cost of prescription drugs was becoming a notebook issue for many Americans.

Until recently, Dalaprim was the only drug approved in the United States to treat toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease that can cause serious and often life-threatening consequences for people with weakened immunity, including those infected with HIV. Pills are considered the gold standard for treating acute toxoplasmosis, and sudden price increases have caused a national wave of anger and disgust.

January 2020 Proceedings, Federal and state officials alleged that the company used various measures to prevent the introduction of low-cost alternatives to the market. One method included a distribution agreement that ensured that generic companies could not purchase the Dalaprim sample required for testing required for regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Another tactic was the use of “data blocking” contracts. This prevented multiple distributors from selling Daraprim’s sales data to third-party data companies. Typical companies use this data to assess whether it is worth carrying out a particular development project. With these agreements, Sucreli and VIERA sought to prevent potential generic competitors from accurately assessing the market.

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