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Phil Robertson followed call of the wild and became America’s Duck Commander, reality TV star | Sports – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Editor’s Note: This is the ninth in a series of stories about 2020 enrollment in the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame. The entrance ceremony will be held on June 26th in Nakitosh.

When an A & E Networks official approached Phil Robertson on creating a reality show starring him and his Louisiana family, he agreed on one condition.

“I informed the A & E people that they couldn’t shoot during the duck season. I didn’t care if they paid $ 50 million,” Robertson patted his signature beard and shotgun. I said while hugging the gun. “They said,’Are you not upset? I said no.'”

Duck Dynasty may have made the Robertson family famous in the American mainstream, but Robertson has long been a celebrity among hunters in duck calls, hunting videos, and television hunting shows.

Long before Duck Dynasty’s fame, Robertson was a quarterback at Louisiana Tech in the late 1960s. There, he and the future Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Terry Bradshaw were competing for their first job.

Robertson said he was more interested in answering wild calls than in stadium cheering fans.

He has had many conversations with Bloodshaw.

“I said,’Blood show, this is a deal. You’re a big, strong kid, you have strong arms, you want to play in the NFL, you want to play soccer,” Phil recalls. Did. “He said,’Yes.’

“I said,’I chase ducks full-time. I want to hunt ducks rather than a big violent man trampling me on the soil …. you go for it, and I Will meet you later. “” “

That decision helped Robertson win the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in the 2020 class, which will be introduced on Saturday night in Nakitosh.

Robertson designed the first phone of his famous series of phones in 1972, with him and his wife “Miskay”, and four sons Al, Willy, Jace, and Jep for decades. Since building an outdoor empire around it from the West Monroe headquarters.

Phil, who plays the Duck Commander’s call with the same passion as a master trumpet player, completed his mallard music as a young man after leaving Louisiana Tech.

Jace explained how the empire began. “Daddy was hunting on the (Arkansas-Louisiana) border of Lake Moss in 1972.

“He said to his dad,’You don’t just call ducks. You command them.” From there the Duck Commander began. “

Robertson said his friend and Miss Kay were pondering about his 1972 entrepreneurial plan to make and sell ducks.

“I said I would only fish from the Ouachita River until the ducks barked,” Phil said. “Kay said,’We may starve.’ Buffalo and Goo got £ 1 and 30 cents, and catfish got £ 1 and $ 1.”

Phil produced 500-600 calls in the first year of 1972. At the peak of the Duck Dynasty epidemic, the company sold more than one million calls annually.

Original wooden instruments with cedar inserts are still made, but the company is adding colorful plastic calls to its repertoire.

Robertson, the best-selling evangelist and writer, began his childhood in the 1950s at his parents’ home in the Parish of Cado near Moonlake and has loved the outdoors for the rest of his life.

“When I was little, I stared at the stream and saw small crayfish and tadpoles swimming,” he said. “I was lying in the bank and studying for hours at a time.

“I look for animal footprints. There were many meals that offered me outdoors.”

Phil Robertson followed call of the wild and became America’s Duck Commander, reality TV star | Sports Source link Phil Robertson followed call of the wild and became America’s Duck Commander, reality TV star | Sports

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