Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concert Series celebrates 50 years – Fresno, California

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It may look like an unlikely stop. For many internationally recognized piano and organ players, the annual tour may include world-class venues such as Carnegie Hall, Wiener Musikverein, Walt Disney Hall and Oslo Opera House. I have.In such a performance, eight artists are invited every year Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concert Series At the Fresno State Concert Hall on their schedule.

Saúl Jiménez-Sandoval, President of Fresno State University Fresno, said, “The unique experience of seeing a master play live music is transformative. Feel the vibrations, feel the emotions, hear the vitality of life and from the heart. It flows to your fingertips. ” “For 50 years, the Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concert Series has brought us this gift of soul-raising and invigoration. Fresno State University is honored to host this community and international treasures. . “

Founded by the deceased in 1972 Professor Philip Lorenz, The Keyboard Concert Series is celebrating its 50th anniversary this season. Professor Andreas Werz of Fresno State University Fresno is excited about this year’s lineup. Garrick Ohlsson so September 19th (Sun) 3:00 pm At the Fresno State Concert Hall. tickets The general price is $ 25, the elderly are $ 18, and the students are $ 5.

“People know about this series. When talking to New York musicians about keyboard concerts in Fresno, they would say,” Yes, we know this. ” This is great for the university, “said Werz, president and artistic director of Philip Lorenz International Keyboard Concerts.

Olson is the only American to win a gold medal at the International Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw. According to The New York Times, Olson is praised for “classy feats, elegant proportions, a balance between intimacy and reading.” With the COVID-19 restrictions relaxed, Ohlsson traveled around the world and performed at venues in Prague, Zurich and South Korea. After a concert at Fresno State University, he will continue touring the United States and Europe.

“By playing renowned pianists from around the world in the concert hall of Fresno State University, the Philip Lorenz Keyboard Concert Series builds a bridge between campus and ballet music lovers. Keyboard concerts are also held by students. It shows that we can aim for world-class greatness in everything we pursue through hard work, “said Dr. Honora Chapman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Season ticket Available for $ 160 for the general public, $ 120 for seniors, and $ 30 for students, it includes admission to Garrick Ohlsson and the next performance at the concert hall.

In addition, Keyboard Concerts will host the following special events in the concert hall.

The first keyboard concert took place at the now obsolete Stevenson Music Store on Blackstone Avenue. Lorenz later partnered with the Fresno Free College Foundation, which further developed the series. The series was held at several venues, including the Northwest Church, The Tower Theater, and the Memorial Auditorium. After Wertz took over in 1992 following Lorenz’s premature death, the series partnered with Fresno State University to move to the Fresno State Concert Hall.

For Wertz, the concert series is an extension of his love for music, especially the piano.

“Music is my life. I started playing the piano at the age of five. I developed the piano in elementary and high school and eventually went into the greenhouse and became the main profession of my life. [to] Become a pianist, “Weltz said. “Directing the series is just another aspect of it. By directing the series, you can invite guest artists to share this with others, or with the university community or the general community. can.”

It is this passion that drives the series and brings cultural value to the community.

“It enriches the cultural life of Fresno, especially the university of Fresno. It enhances the quality of life in our region, the valley. In a sense, it maps it. These artists map the world. We play in the heart of culture, we also play in Fresno. That means something for Fresno. “

This year, Wertz will resign from his role at Fresno State University and become an emeritus professor, but said he will continue his role in the keyboard concert series.

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