Philippine Customs Crushes McLaren 620R, $ 1.2 Million Car

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Yes it is McLaren 620R It is crushed by the backhoe.

This destruction display is up to date Strangely long pedigree A spectacular public crush of illegally imported cars. In this case, the Philippine Customs Department smashed a total of $ 1.2 million in cars in two separate cases. One featured 14 Mitsubishi Jeep and the other appeared in seven cars headlined by McLaren.

This particular shatter is part of a permanent campaign to crack down on illegal car imports and seems to be a matter very close to the heart of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. He ordered a similar crush in 2018. This is an event that involves a tractor driving a car. Amazing $ 8 Million Car At an exhibition of punishment like a monster truck. This particular shatter is less destructive, but it can be particularly cruel to grind the roof of each car individually for the sole purpose of destroying something.

Seven cars crushed by Philippine Customs

Customs Bureau PH / Facebook

Of course, that’s the point. All shatters are intended to discourage imports by showing that the end result of the attempter is a crushed car in front of them so that the whole world can see.

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The· Philippine Customs Office Note that the crushing also included the destruction of Lotus, Bentley, 911, SLK, Genesis Coupe, and, for some reason, the Solara Convertible. But the track-focused 620R is the rarest thing to overwhelm. Only 350 were produced, and the loss of this means that the numbers are even lower.

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Philippine Customs Crushes McLaren 620R, $ 1.2 Million Car

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