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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-05-04 12:30:00 –

Manila >> The Philippine Foreign Minister apologized on Tuesday after tweeting a sneaky phrase demanding that China escape from the Philippine-claimed territory of the South China Sea in an irritating explosion.

Foreign Minister Teodoro Locsin Jr. blasphemes China on Monday when the Foreign Ministry announced that it had protested the “shadowing, blocking, dangerous maneuvering and radio challenges” of the China Coast Guard, which patrols and exercises the Philippine Coast Guard. Blasted up. April 24-25 at the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

Roksin also compared China to “getting attention to handsome guys who want to be friends” and “ugly orcs.”

Mr Roksin said he apologized only to his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, to ensure that their friendship continued. “I’m not going to defend myself as an excuse for losing my last provocation, but if Wang Yi is following Twitter, I’m sorry to hurt him, but he’s the only one,” Roksin tweeted.

President Rodrigo Duterte, who has fostered friendly relations between China and its leaders since taking office in 2016, expressed his frustration in a statement aired Monday night.

“Just because we are in conflict with China does not mean that we must be rude and rude,” Duterte said. “There are many thanks to China for past and present support.”

China donated and sold the COVID-19 vaccine to the Philippines. The Philippines is struggling to secure enough doses to vaccinate up to 70 million Filipinos amid tight global supply. Unlike the Western government, China has also not criticized Duterte’s crackdown on bloody anti-illegal drugs, which have killed thousands and most of the trivial suspects and alerted human rights groups.

The Philippines has made dozens of diplomatic protests against China over territorial disputes. Despite Duterte’s friendly overture to Beijing, Loksin and Secretary of Defense Delfin Lorenzana also made increasingly sensitive statements about China’s actions in conflict areas.

The intensifying conflict between Manila and Beijing began after more than 200 Chinese vessels suspected of being operated by militias were found on Whitson Reef in early March by Philippine authorities. Lorenzana and Roxin demanded the departure of ships, and the government deployed Navy and Coast Guard ships to the area. China owns coral reefs and said Chinese ships are protected from rough seas.

Many Chinese vessels departed Whitsan, about 175 nautical miles (325 km) west of Palawan, Philippines, but some were moored in the region, which is part of the shallow atolls of China and Vietnam. It remains. The Philippine government states that coral reefs are located in an internationally recognized offshore zone and Manila has the exclusive right to access fisheries, oil, gas and other resources.

Duterte blew up two respected former Filipino officials who criticized dealing with the territorial dispute with Beijing, paying attention to his remarks about China. He used arrogant words to call former Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario and retired Supreme Court judge Antonio Carpio “ridiculous.”

Del Rosario and Carpio were one of the Filipino officials who brought the dispute with China to international arbitration in 2013. The arbitral tribunal ruled in favor of the Philippines under the 1982 United Nations Sea Law Treaty, effectively nullifying China’s allegations. The entire South China Sea for historical reasons. China has refused to participate in the arbitration, has ignored the 2016 ruling and continues to ignore it.

Philippine diplomat apologizes for profanity toward China Source link Philippine diplomat apologizes for profanity toward China

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