Phillies hang on to win rubber game vs. Orioles – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-22 22:55:07 –

Andrew McCutchen sent a sacrifice fly to Home Red and Jean Segura sent a sacrifice fly to pass host Philadelphia Phillies 4-3 through the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday.

Segura added two hits, and Matt Beering also scored two hits for the Phillies, who won the Phillies twice in a row.

The Phillies (78-74), behind the Atlanta Braves, have begun a three-game night to take first place in the National League East.

Phillies starter Zack Wheeler threw six solid innings, abandoned one run with four hits, nine strikeouts and two walks.

Jose Alvarado (7-1) won a relief and Ian Kennedy scored nine scoreless saves for the 25th time, despite allowing two walks.

Pat Valaika led the Orioles (48-104) with two hits.

Baltimore starter Keegan Akin allowed five hits and one run, six strikeouts and one walk in 5 1/3 innings.

Connor Green (1-2) lost.

Baltimore’s Cedric Mullins tripled with two outs in three innings, but got stuck when Ryan Mountcastle attacked.

The Phillies hit four hits in the first five innings but couldn’t score.

For the sixth time, Mountcastle walked one out and Austin Hays continued the RBI double with a 1-0 lead. Both Pedro Severino and Ryan McKenna launched an attack to end the innings.

Segura grounded to open the bottom six, and Bryce Harper singled to the right. JT Realmuto jumped into the center, but McCutchen greeted him with a 2: 1 advantage in his 25th season’s 25th two-run home run.

The Orioles drew 2-2 in the 7th inning when the pinch hitter Trey Mancini scored a RBI.

Phillies regained a 4-2 lead in the bottom of the seventh inning when Segura raised the sacrifice fly to the center and Realmuto added a RBI.

Baltimore closed 4-3 for the eighth time when Severino lined up a double RBI to the right. Harper then threw Severino home about the possibility of RBI in Baraika.

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Phillies hang on to win rubber game vs. Orioles Source link Phillies hang on to win rubber game vs. Orioles

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