Phoenix Mercury benefit from clock malfunction, beat Minnesota Lynx, 77-75 – Twin Cities

2021-05-15 00:52:37 –

Lynx’s shot broke down against Phoenix in the first half of Friday’s opening round, but it was a clock broke that Minnesota was killed in 621 days later in the first match at the Target Center.

Crystal Dangerfield, who held a one-point lead with 6.8 seconds remaining, lost the ball, and Mercury passed the ball to Diana Torashi with three pointers, giving Phoenix a 77-75 victory. The problem was that Taurashi fired with 6.8 seconds left. This is the same amount of time left when Dangerfield loses ownership.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve then said one of the three board members, Roy Grubeyan, Jeff Smith and Danielle Scott, breathed into the whistle and stopped the clock. The second problem was that the authorities were unaware that the clock had stopped as play continued.

Officials will use a stopwatch and monitor at the scorer’s table for the next few minutes to reach Taurashi from Brittney Griner, who will then take a shot.

Fans who were allowed to enter the target center became restless, so it was decided to put 1.1 seconds on the watch. When the horn rang, Reeve informed the authorities of her frustration — even though the Lynx coach wasn’t happy with her team either.

“This isn’t the NBA,” Reeve said when asked if officials tried to consult the WNBA headquarters to correct the mistake. “The NBA did it and they would have understood it correctly. There is no consulting for anyone who might have a watch after better understanding what happened. (Stakeholder) Even the watch. That was a challenge because I couldn’t see it. They’re guessing.

“It’s installed where the referee blows the whistle and stops the clock. Great technology. But even when the referee is whistling and not blowing the whistle, it has the same effect. So it stopped the clock, And they didn’t see it. Nobody saw it. Then I finally figured out they actually knew the time and tried to put a stopwatch on it and guess. , They did it twice and came up with a stopwatch at the same time, so I should feel better. ”

Reeve got the good news in the afternoon when the WNBA allowed the free agent Kayla McBride to play. The forward has returned from playing in Turkey this week and has been quarantined for the league protocol. McBride was a starting member of Lynx and finished with 17 points and 6 rebounds. Another off-season addition to the free agent, Guard Aerial Powers, led Lynx with 18 points.

Lynx wouldn’t have been in a position to play the game well if the first half was good, because a clock malfunction could cost the game. Minnesota was 19-4 from the field in the opening quarter and 37-10 in half-time. Lynx rebounded in the third quarter and took a short lead, but not enough as all five Phoenix starters finished in double digits.

It didn’t help when the time stopped.

“That’s what it is,” Reeve said. “We won this game, we went outbound, we gave up 46 points in paint …. the first half was obviously really bad, so the second half was much better offensively. I played. Some shots didn’t go down, but I wasn’t playing with confidence, so I thought we got over it. The second half was much better offensive. But it wasn’t enough to win the game. ”

Phoenix Mercury benefit from clock malfunction, beat Minnesota Lynx, 77-75 – Twin Cities Source link Phoenix Mercury benefit from clock malfunction, beat Minnesota Lynx, 77-75 – Twin Cities

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