Phoenix Suns Denies Racism and Sexism and Responds to Potential Investigations | Phoenix Suns

NS Phoenix suns He issued a statement on a potential media survey of the franchise’s work culture, denying that the organization or owner Robert Server has a history of racism or sexism.

A statement sent Friday said the organization was aware that it was working on a story condemning the organization for fraudulent activity on “various topics.” Sands is a “completely unfounded allegation” and “our possession and eyewitness testimony evidence is in direct conflict with the reporter’s accusation and we have prepared an answer to his question. There is. “

The Phoenix businessman Server has owned Sands since 2004.

James Jones, Black, General Manager of Sands, said in the team’s response:

The franchise is out of one of the most successful seasons in its history, NBA Finals against stars Devin Booker, Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton before losing to Milwaukee Bucks in six games. Sands played three finals in 1976, 1993 and 2021, but never won the championship.

Sands coach Monty Williams told the media Friday before the team played the Lakers in Los Angeles and knew of the potential report, but “commented on it until we had time to process a lot of information. He said he didn’t want to. Get everything you need to know about the situation. “

He added that he didn’t expect the situation to be distracting to the team.

“Nothing invades or erodes our culture,” Williams said. “That’s what we said from day one. Win and lose, play basketball, hoop, and that won’t change.”

When league analyst Jordan Schultz posted a message on social media, a potential investigation was revealed. The league is preparing for a “massive” story, “if there is sufficient evidence to support such a claim, the league should force the server to be removed.”

The server and Sands responded with a long statement. The 59-year-old server is also owned by WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

“I don’t know how to respond to some of the vague suggestions with almost anonymous voices, but I think I’m totally disgusted with my nature and the character of the Sun / Mercury. Some can certainly tell you the workplace and I can tell you they never happened, “the server said.

Less than a week into the season, the NBA has yet another potentially serious problem, without knowing the full range of accusations that Sands is coming.

The Sands statement, issued two days after Boston center Enes Kanter sought independence in Tibet, urged Chinese broadcast partners to: Stop streaming Celtics games In a country that is crazy about basketball.

Brooklyn does not allow Kyrie Irving to be around the team until she is vaccinated against the coronavirus, and Ben Simmons of Philadelphia has not participated in practice or games with the 76ers and has not yet been created.

Phoenix Suns Denies Racism and Sexism and Responds to Potential Investigations | Phoenix Suns

Source link Phoenix Suns Denies Racism and Sexism and Responds to Potential Investigations | Phoenix Suns

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