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After her latest hair makeover, Tiny looks completely unrecognizable! The singer shared his new snap shaking a bright green wig, and we are obsessed.

Tammeka “Tiny” Harris You can really pull out any hair color! At the age of 45, she switched things and revealed her latest makeover, including an emerald green wig. She visited Instagram Story on January 16th to share a bright new rock selfie and thank the stylist (Instagram @darealterrencedavidson). He also posted a snap of Tiny, writing: @majorgirl. The wig was styled with elastic curls, with dramatic parts on one side, and her make-up look was perfect as usual.

The switch from her regular brunette rock takes place just a month after her and her husband TI “Hint” Harris‘A new grandchild was born. Zonnique PullinsThe 24-year-old gave birth to a lovely baby on December 15, and TI and Tiny recently provided updates on what mom and bab look like. “Zonnique is doing great,” Tiny shared in the December 22nd episode of FOX Soul’s. mix. She takes as much rest as she can. The baby was always sleeping, so I was able to rest a lot. I want to get my baby up more, but I understand that my baby needs to sleep to rest. So I’m not going to be a bad grandma yet … she’s always sleeping so I want you to wake up more … but I’ll give her a few more weeks and then I’ll start wake her up. “

Tiny brunette hair.Image: Mega

When the proud grandma was asked what she wanted to be called by her first grandson, Tiny revealed that she had narrowed it down to two options. “I think I’ll be called ZaZa. It’s cute. If it’s not ZaZa, I’ll go with Honey. So it’ll be one of two.” Too cute!

Photo before and after – Hollywood Life

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