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Paul Mattsner is a photographer in the Milwaukee region and has won praise and admiration for his work. He has visited New York several times over the last 15 years, filming street scenes and people. He has a book called, See you in new yorkThis is also popular.

We talked about his work, the latest books, and his career as a photographer.

Are you serious about photography?

I took a photography class in high school in 1970. In this class, I shot black-and-white film, developed it in a darkroom, and printed it. It was magical to me. Almost at the same time, I saw an exhibition of Eugene Smith’s work from Minamata, Japan at Milwaukee. The subject was people affected by mercury poisoning due to the dumping of corporate waste into water. It’s so powerful that it has had a profound impact on me ever since.

Tell us about your latest book, See you in new york..

I went to New York eight times between 2008 and 2018, especially street snapshots. I’ve been there many times and I’ve been to many tourist destinations, so the purpose of this time was to walk around the city with my camera and connect with the people I saw and met. Align Smithson wrote in the preface of my book: .. “

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A hardcover book of linen with an inset photo and a foil stamp on the cover. It is 78 pages, fully bound and has 64 color photographs. 11×8.5 inches. Printed in Edition 1 of Berkeley, California.Available on my website

How long did it take to put this book together?

I didn’t start with the idea of ​​making a book about New York, but it happened organically after traveling to New York several times in 2008. After taking pictures for a total of about 30 days in 10 years, it became 11,000 images. .. As a result, the editing / selection process was a daunting task. We have narrowed down to about 300 images that strongly appeal to “connection”. With the help of a photo workshop taken at Santa Fe with a few friends, I narrowed down the last 64 photos of the book and arranged them in order. Printed in 2020 … can be considered a 12 year project!

What is your favorite subject? The reason is?

Urban people, festivals, high school athletics, lots of “candid” images. I enjoy the credibility of the moment people are walking their lives.

What do you want to achieve with photography?

Most of my photos are licensed as stock images for publications, websites, greeting cards, etc. We also held many exhibitions, including a solo exhibition of the Facing You / Facing Me project in Minneapolis. It’s a great pleasure to have people see my work and appreciate the humanity they see.

What can you tell an aspiring photographer about patience?

Talk to anyone who knows about your job. Communication network. Become a member of the photography community.

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