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Anaheim, CA (AP) —Disneyland opened its doors on Friday to support visitors wearing Minnie Mouse ears with sequins and taking selfies, and only four months ago the coronavirus Overwhelmed by the case, the patient showed a dramatic recovery while being treated in an outdoor tent.

CaliforniaA world-famous theme park reopened after an unprecedented 13 months closureCurrently accepts only state residents and operates with limited capacity.

Once inside, the guest Disney Gear was excited and waved to an employee who was cleaning up the main street, which is a characteristic of the park. The main street was lined with hand disinfection stations and signs urging people to wear face covers.

After spending a year teaching mainly third grade classes from a backyard tent, Libby Birmingham was thrilled to be there. A 38-year-old woman who regularly attended the park on her annual pass before the pandemic took a break from work to travel from Pasadena with her friends.

“Disneyland is, to be honest, like my happiest place,” she said. “It’s one of those places I can always enjoy, and it allows me to be a kid — not always in charge of a kid.”

Reopening highlights major changes in the most populous states in the United States From just a few months ago When the number of cases of COVID-19 surged, hospitals ran out of ICU beds and hundreds of people died of the virus every day.

Currently, California has the lowest confirmed rate of coronavirus infection in the country, with more than half of the vaccinated population receiving at least one vaccination.Kids are back in face-to-face classes, shops and restaurants are expanding their business, and Governor Gavin Newsom June 15 As a target date for further economic resumption, although there are health-related restrictions.

Caroline Beteta, President and CEO of Visit California, the state’s tourism promoter, said:

Theme parks were one of the last California businesses allowed to reopen, as opposed to less restrictive states like Florida, where Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Resort is located. It is workingHowever, since July, the capacity is less than usual. Another major US amusement park, Cedar Point, Ohio, opened last summer and will reopen for the next season. Only this time, the vehicle does not need a mask.

At Disneyland, visitors are required to wear a mask and can only remove it to eat at designated locations. Hugs and handshakes with characters are prohibited, and parades and fireworks shows are shelved to limit congestion.

On Friday, the updated Snow White ride attracted an orderly crowd of visitors in winding outdoor rows to prevent indoor congestion. The rest of the park was low on people. In the Star Wars section, there was plenty of space for children to run freely, and visitors waved to Ray from a distance. Ray smiled and waved from the platform overlooking the park.

Outside on a popular boat, Alison Sanger and her 4-year-old daughter, Emily, stopped by a closed patio to chat with Mary Poppins and Bart, who rubbed their parasols. The 28-year-old said she was happy that her daughter was close enough to see and take pictures of her character, even with the new rules.

“Honestly, I have a lot of memories here,” she said. “We missed memories and magic.”

There was even a marriage proposal.

Zack Bolger, 35, said he met his girlfriend, Mackenzie Brown, 26, about three years ago, exchanging collectable pins at Disneyland. The couple returned to the park on Friday, and Bolger pulled out a ring box near Snow White’s wishes. Brown shed tears of joy.

While California continues to “strongly discourage” visiting the state as a tourist, the travel industry is meeting the demand for comebacks from nearly 40 million residents. The advertising campaign encourages Californians to travel around the state, reflecting marketing that has taken place since 9/11.

In a state where so many people have been trapped for a long time, even tourism in the state can be a big boost. Carissa Baker, an assistant professor of theme park and attraction management at the University of Central Florida’s Rosen Hospitality Management College, said Disney’s California Park has long been an enthusiastic supporter of local fans, but its location in Florida is for international tourism. It depends heavily on the customer.

According to the Theme Entertainment Association, Disneyland is California’s main economic engine, with approximately 19 million participants in the year before the coronavirus outbreak. It and other such attractions were closed in March 2020 as Newsom imposed the nation’s first state-wide closure order.

For now, Disney California Adventure Park, which is adjacent to the park, is limited to operating at 25% capacity under state health regulations. Disney only accepts reservations from state residents, but California also allows fully vaccinated out-of-state visitors to attend theme parks.

The reopening was also welcomed by park employees who wanted to return to work and owners of hotels and shops in the surrounding city of Anaheim. The city’s convention center has had more than 300 cancellations since the pandemic, and a quarter has been rebooked so far, said Jay Burress, president of Visit Anaheim.

At the early morning flag ceremony, Disney CEO Bob Chapek thanked the park employees. Their smiles were hidden by the face masks of the constellations, but many greeted each other with fist bumps and bright eyes. He asked them to “regain the magic” for visitors who were alienated during the 412-day closure period.

“We are more than just a theme park,” Chapek said. “We are special. We are special thanks to you because you bring magic to the world.”

Photos: Disneyland reopens to California residents following 13-month closure Source link Photos: Disneyland reopens to California residents following 13-month closure

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