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Photos: ‘New’ Van Gogh to go on display – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Amsterdam (AP) — A new, never-publicly exhibited drawing of Vincent van Gogh is on display at the Amsterdam Museum, which bears the name of the Dutch Masters Suite.

The “new” Van Gogh “” worn-out “study” in November 1882 was part of a Dutch private collection and was known to only a handful of people, including a few at the Van Gogh Museum. bottom.

The owner, who remains anonymous, asked the museum to determine if the unsigned drawing was by Van Gogh.

From the style to the materials used (thick carpenter’s pencil and coarse watercolor paper), it conforms to Van Gogh’s The Hague paintings, said Teio Meedendorp, senior researcher Thursday.

There are even traces of back damage associated with Van Gogh’s use of starch lumps to attach the sheet of paper to the drafting board.

“It’s very rare for a new work to be attributed to Van Gogh,” said museum director Emily Gordenker in a statement. “We are proud to share this early drawing and its story with our visitors.”

It comes from the days of the artist’s career, where he worked to improve his skills as a painter by drawing figures and portraits. again and again.

The museum already owns almost the same painting “used up”.

“It was very clear that they were related,” Meedendorp said.

The study will be lent to the museum and will be on display from Friday to January 2nd.

It shows a bald elderly man sitting in a wooden chair, holding a bald head in his hand and sitting in front of him. Even the model trousers appear to conform to the English title — the patch is clearly visible on the right leg.

Sunflower vases and vibrant oil paintings of French landscapes are far from turning the distressed Van Gogh into one of the most famous artists in the world after his death in 1890. The work has won astronomical prices at auction.

Instead, as a young artist practicing his craft in The Hague in 1882, it shows that Van Gogh had to confront the unpleasant truth.

“He discovered that he lacked the ability to draw people, so he had already drawn them, but he liked to draw,” said Meedendorp. “So he went back to the drafting board so that people could also draw.”

Famous for his lifelong reliance on his brother Theo’s generosity, Van Gogh built a little name recognition and gave his drawings an English title, perhaps to get a job in an illustration magazine.

“In his mind, he had the idea that as an artist he would eventually reach farther than the Netherlands,” Meedendorp said.

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