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Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in four films, defining him as one of the most charismatic film stars of his generation.

However, the star has spent almost 20 years since redefining himself as a often disappointing working actor.

In his latest movie, which begins streaming on Hulu Friday, he’s playing against Type as a creepy fertility doctor.

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Dr. Hindle seems to be as confident and painstaking as any character the actor has ever played, and his discreet persona is used very effectively.

“You bring an audience, and they look at me, it’s encouraging,” Brosnan said. “He is very attractive, handsome, well-maintained, speaks softly, and looks attractive.”

He promises the couple, played by Ilana Glazer and Justin Theroux, to maximize their chances of getting pregnant, and she will conceive a child. But anything that begins with such a promise soon turns into her worst nightmare.

As the Glazer character tells her friend, “I think Dr. Hindle did something.”

Brosnan said it was fun to have bad faith.

“Oh, that’s great,” he said. “Best.”

And what’s a better way to live up to expectations than to appear in a horror movie?

“I know this will probably turn off some of my female audience,” he said. “But hopefully they won’t abandon me. They see or don’t see it, but they can’t please everyone. Ultimately, they have to please themselves. “

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At this stage of his career, Brosnan can afford to take risks.

“That’s the joy of it,” he said. “And how do you win the whole thing, continue to work as an actor, and try to be an unexpected surprise?”

His film will be streamed on Hulu, which is owned by the same parent company as this ABC station.

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Pierce Brosnan goes creepy in Hulu’s ‘False Positive’ Source link Pierce Brosnan goes creepy in Hulu’s ‘False Positive’

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