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Jim Strub recently stopped by a Facebook comment.

“Someone commented on how awe they were, such as a trip to the new (Pikes Peak) Summit House and the scenery,” he recalled. “And what they wrote in the comments was,’Why isn’t this a national park?'”

“I thought,’Oh, yeah, why not?’ Because no one has had a hard time doing that,” he said.

92-year-old Strub has a problem.

A man who has been a mountain staple for fifty years, took it upon himself to explore bold ideas.

Strub has prepared a long proposal for a national park that includes the Pikes Peak Massif. He said the outlined idea was born in consultation with a small number of knowledgeable and interested people who remain silent on this subject.

The view from the bar trail shows that Cameron Corn is looking into the clouds for a while before surrendering to the storm.

February 16, 2005.

“There’s a lot to do,” Strabb said. “Most of last year I was putting together a proposal, but only recently I’ve entered the campaign phase. This isn’t something I’m used to. I’m not political.”

However, Straub is familiar with rigmalol on American mountain issues.

He has built relationships with local decision makers, movers and shakers since the 1980s. At that time, he was appointed to the public voice on issues related to the Pikes Peak Highway. During that recommendation, he also participated in talks to open the North Slope recreation area. He later advocated public access to the lake on the southern slopes.

He was seated at the table of the Pikes Peak Multi-Use Plan announced in 1999. He planned the Ring the Peak Trail for the next decade. This currently corresponds to a 63-mile horseshoe-shaped path around the mountain. The final gap is bureaucratic and land conflict.

Strub sees the completion of that loop as one possibility of national park designation. At the hands of the National Park Service on behalf of the US Forest Office, he foresaw “much wider” recreation throughout the playground mapping between 195 and 236 square miles.

The National Park Service’s legal obligations are different, Strub said: “for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations.”

“We only have the time and money to do something beyond what they have to do, mainly to mitigate fires,” the Forest Department said. “This is not intended to be critical of anyone at the Forest Department. That is our basic mission.”

He imagines that the less adventurous canyons, drains, coulois and peaks of the massif will be more accessible. This proposal shows that the portal will be parked outside the current highway tolls, crag campsites, and Gold Camp Road in the Cripple Creek area.

However, this proposal has yet to resolve any number of predictable disputes. Among them, there are highway-based Colorado Springs money-making companies. Aramark and Broadmoor represent other business interests. Strub’s proposal shows that the Colorado Springs Utility manages at least 10% of the land within the proposed boundaries.

All new units of the National Park Service have been thoroughly studied, according to the Congressional Research Service, which provides nonpartisan policy reviews. This process has taken at least a few years in recent years. Congress must first approve the study.

“It is generally considered difficult to secure Congressional support and funding to meet standards and expand the national park system,” he said. Analysis by Congressional Research Service..

The law requires park services to determine “whether the region is nationally important” and will be a “proper and feasible” addition. Whether the area represents “a theme, site, or resource that is not yet properly represented by the park service.” Meets certain “popular demand” thresholds. If the check box is selected, the proposal will be returned to Congress for consideration.

Strub looks to the last 1917 when the national parks around Pikes Peak were seriously considered. Rep. Charles Timberlake argued that Pikes Peak was “arguably America’s most famous mountain” and “indelibly woven into Western romance, history and development.”

Stub suspects Timberlake’s ideas “may have been lost in the turmoil of World War I.”

Such efforts are “very consumer”, Strub said, “and I didn’t expect to spend my last year doing this.”

At the age of 92, he doesn’t think his dream will come true. “But at least I hope the research begins,” he said.

Pikes Peak National Park? Colorado Springs man has big idea | Premium Source link Pikes Peak National Park? Colorado Springs man has big idea | Premium

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