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Pilot killed in military jet crash in northeast Las Vegas Valley, officials say | Las Vegas Local News – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-24 23:10:00 –

Las Vegas (FOX5)-The only crew member of a military aircraft died when an aircraft crashed in a residential area near Nellis Air Force Base on Monday.

Several agencies are investigating an aircraft crash in the northeastern valley on Monday afternoon.

The crash was reported at 2245 N. Christy Lane near Judson Avenue around 2:30 pm on May 24th. The crash site is south of Nellis Air Force Base.

An aircraft operated by a contractor who took off from Nellis Air Force Base crashed almost outside the southern tip of the base, “Nellis officials said.

The NTSB has confirmed that the aircraft is a Dassault Air Mirage F-1.

A Nellis spokeswoman said the crashed aircraft was owned, operated and operated by Draken US, a Florida-based company with a contract with the base. The company confirmed that the pilot had died in a crash.

Draken received news that an aircraft was shot down from Nellis Air Force Base and one of the pilots suffered tragic losses. Our thoughts and prayers are directed to the people and families affected by this event. We are committed to helping them when they need it, and we work closely with federal, state and local governments. Draken US is also working with investigative agencies to determine the cause of this tragic accident.

Pilots died after several agencies were investigating an aircraft crash in the northeastern valley on Monday afternoon.

Nellis officials expressed their condolences to Wingman’s friends and family in Draken, who had not yet been publicly identified. No other personnel were on board.

Witnesses reported a large amount of smoke in the area after the crash.

A clerk at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School said, “I heard the sound of a jet plane. It stopped very noisy. The outside class saw it.”

Parents were informed that the school was ordered to evacuate temporarily.

Students at a nearby elementary school were temporarily ordered to shelter in place after an aircraft associated with Nellis Air Force Base crashed on Monday.

“We only saw smoke and fire trucks,” said Marlene Saldate, who lives in the neighborhood. “When Nellis’s helicopter, which was on the flight line earlier, came out and started to go around the smoke, he said that a man came and saw the fighter landing, but I knew at that time. Crash. “

Sardate said he saw a “big” explosion. “I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought the house was on fire or something. Then I heard that the fighter had fallen and my dad called me.”

Another woman living in the neighborhood, Ronda Burns, said she started praying when she saw the plane coming down the neighborhood.

Both Burns and Sardate said the lights in the neighborhood went out for about 30 seconds during the crash.

“When the plane went down, he got off behind the house. [power lines] was. That is where we heard the big boom. As the smoke rose into the air like fire, I began to pray whether it was a family or the house he attacked, “Burns said.

Burns said there were concerns that the site was close to elementary school.

“In the morning, jets fly and get lower and lower,” Burns said. “I think it’s a bit dangerous. We have this school with these kids, and at that time they were playing there.”

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said he and his wife, Kathy, “participate in all Nevada during this difficult time to protect family, friends and loved ones in prayer.” Said.

“I learned that the pilot was involved in a crash and was devastated. [Nellis AFB] Dead. I pray for the pilot’s family, the entire base, and the Air Force community, “said Senator Catherine Cortez Mast.

“I am very saddened by the crash of an aircraft operated by a contractor taking off from Nellis Air Force Base in today’s East Las Vegas,” said Marilyn Kirkpatrick, chairman of the Clark County Commission. “Our mind is directed at the pilot’s family and friends, as well as the larger Nellis Air Force Base family. Today’s tragedy is an important task that is done daily in Nellis to protect our country. Reminds me. “

The crash was the first accident from Nellis since Thunderbirds pilot Major Stephen Delvango of Valencia, California died during a training flight at the Nevada Test and Training Ground in April 2018.

An Air Force pilot died in September 2017 after a crash about 100 miles northwest of Nellis.

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