Pima County now has power to shut down classrooms as delta variant spreads – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2021-07-31 00:09:43 –

Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — Delta mutants continue to predominate in Arizona, and the Pima County Health Department is playing a role in controlling the spread in the classroom.

Dr. Teresa Karen, director of health at Pima County, said the health department now has the authority to close classrooms. She has a new role in which they open their arms and welcome.

“We expected an outbreak, but I don’t think we expected the range of what we were seeing,” Dr. Karen told KGUN9.

She says a few months ago they wanted the fourth wave not to come. Now they are realistic.

“Until the age of 12, children are not immune. We now know that there are large-scale infections in schools,” she added.

Before school began, the school district could either close classrooms or send students home to quarantine. Currently, the Pima County Health Department has the authority to make these calls. The mechanism is as follows.

“We’ll know when someone informs us or the incident has been reported. At that point, we’ll make this accelerated response,” Dr. Karen said.

If there are multiple cases in the classroom, the department will perform an outbreak assessment.

“And we answer very specific questions. What about the school layout? What is the school ventilation? What are the potential interventions made,” she added.

The faculty then works with the school to make decisions.

Note: The outbreak situation means that there are (at least) two positive COVID cases of students who do not live in the same household. In this case, the department will consider closing the classroom where these students are.

This is a decision made by the Health Department for a classroom at Senita Valley Elementary School in the Vail Unified School District. This happened after three students tested positive for COVID-19.

“For those who issue quarantine, we are working closely with them on contact tracing, agreeing who their close contacts are, and then health sector issues. “It is,” said John Carus, Unification Director of Vail.

“We will only shut down if we believe that the risks and benefits make a decision only if the risks are too high to continue the classroom,” Dr. Karen told KGUN9.

Pima County now has power to shut down classrooms as delta variant spreads Source link Pima County now has power to shut down classrooms as delta variant spreads

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