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Tucson, Arizona (KGUN) — The Department of Transportation in Pima County plans to improve all 1,900 miles of county roads by 2030.

When drivers grab the steering wheel, their sole focus should be on driving. But the county’s Ministry of Transport says local roads made it difficult.

“From the pothole, there was a lot of concern from the public about the condition of our roads,” said Michel Montanino of Pima County Construction Monitoring.

Therefore, in 2020, the department launched a 10-year project to improve the pavement of all county-managed roads. This includes pothole patches, street cleaning, and sidewalk repairs.

“I think we’ve done a lot when it comes to road improvements. The demand for pothole patches has dropped significantly,” says Montagnino.

This year, the department has allocated $ 85 million to this project. However, inflation and a shortage of supplies required more money and time.

“It’s not a system where everything works perfectly at the push of a button. There are lots of moving parts,” said Christopher Bagby of Markham Contracting.

The contractor said he had to be creative to get the job done and searched for materials from suppliers outside the county.

“A few years ago, we might have knocked out something in three days, but now it might take four days. Still, we’ve done that, but it’s changed like much. And evolving. “

This year’s costs eventually exceeded the budget by $ 12 million. However, the Department of Transport says existing taxes still cover it.

“We’ve adjusted our forecasts and cost estimates for next year, so we hope we don’t have the same deficit,” Montagnino said.

The agency plans to propose a repair budget of $ 66 million next year. The proposal will be submitted to the Supervisory Board on May 17th.


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