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Tucson, Arizona 2021-05-28 02:09:12 –

Tucson, Arizona — The Pima County Sheriff’s Office faces staffing issues.

Sheriff Chris Nanos is currently working on this issue.

He said he was facing a shortage of staff and an increase in emergency calls, especially in the eastern Lincoln district.

The Lincoln area alone is the same size as Rhode Island, and the ongoing shortage of personnel puts an extra burden on patrols.

“We’re definitely low,” Nanos said. “Our official strength is 230. Today it’s 193. When it reaches 180, it’s pretty important.”

His department needs to respond with fewer agents, so he adjusts the district lines, redefines the patrol beat boundaries, and calls agents more quickly.

He starts in the Lincoln district. This is by far the largest coverage area in Pima County, mostly rural. In other words, it often takes time for an emergency to occur.

Currently, there is only one substation in Tank Verde near the Catalina Highway.

It is quite far from the town of Vail in the Lincoln district.

According to Nanos, the region is booming, with about 7,000 calls each year.

“It will take 30 to 45 minutes for Lincoln’s agent to answer Vail’s phone,” Nanos said.

So the sheriff came up with a solution to the response time issue.

He divides the Lincoln district into two. Part of the area remains the Lincoln district with three patrol beats. The other is the Bale district, which also has three patrol beats.

He asked county administrator Chuck Huckleberry if he could set up a temporary substation at Pima County Fairgrounds.

“He immediately accepted us. It’s happening,” Nanos said.

Houghton and Mary will stay there for three to four years until a permanent substation is built in the area of ​​the Cleveland Way.

With this in mind, Vail receives about the same number of calls each year as in the other two districts (Green Valley and Tucson Mountain). There are substations in these two areas. Bale is not.

It’s not just the Lincoln district that will change. Nanos is considering coordination in San Xavier, Foothills, Green Valley and Tucson Mountain District.

“For the last 40 years, we haven’t done anything to change the boundaries of districts and beats, so we’re looking at them,” Nanos said. Look at everything in and do our best to make it work. “

Pima County Sheriff adjusting beats, districts to address response times Source link Pima County Sheriff adjusting beats, districts to address response times

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