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Palm Harbor, Florida — The start of the 2022 graduation season is underway, and in Pinellas County, a pair of sisters from Palm Harbor University High School will walk across the stage and receive a diploma on May 20.thEven though both are younger than their peers.

This is because 16-year-old Janet Liu skipped 12 years old.th Grade and Melinda Ryu skipped 2nd,Fourth And 12th grade!

The sisters are best friends. They hang out in the same group at school.

My sister Janet said she was often mistaken for twins.

“When I was in fifth grade, my sister caught up with me. Since then, we’ve always taken all the classes together, went to school together, and had extracurricular lessons together, so we graduated together. It seems natural to be able to do it, given that we’ve always done everything together. “

That’s not the only achievement of Sister Liu. The sisters are skilled piano players, and the girl won the top spot in the Walkers Rising Stars Competition in Pinellas County this week.

“Music has definitely been a big part of my life and my sister’s life. We both started at the age of 5, so I’ve been playing for 10 years and my sister for 11 years.”

Not only that. Melinda was commended as a presidential scholarship student. She is one of only nine scholarship students in Florida this year and 161 scholarship students nationwide.

Together, the girl co-authored and published two economic books for teens and children. Tween’s Economics (2020) When Elementary Economics (2021), Both are sold on Amazon. they again, Wonderland Economics YouTube channel.

Liu family

“My siblings are very strong,” Janet said with a heartfelt laugh. “We found it amazing. All of these economics books and materials were above high school level and we wanted to share our knowledge with young students and publish our own books. is.”

When it was time to enroll in college, were the girls worried about what would happen if one sister enrolled in their top school and the other did not?

“It’s probably so much uncertainty that it came up in family conversations several times a week,” Janet said.

Still, on Melinda’s 15th birthday, the girls were incredibly surprised. She was accepted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The sisters said that separating schools was never an option for them.

“My sister is definitely a very important person in my life and we are best friends and can be in the same grade as her. I definitely respect her and do a lot from each other I will learn, “Melinda said.

In a spirit of unity, Janet and Melindaryu’s parents have also packed up their luggage and moved to Boston to continue to inspire the girls to greatness.

Sister Liu said that all of these goals could not have been achieved without the support of family, parents, friends, teachers and school support staff.

“Age doesn’t mean everything. Young people can do great things and go far, and they realize the power of other brothers to work together and work together. hoping.”

Pinellas County sisters graduate early, head to MIT Source link Pinellas County sisters graduate early, head to MIT

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