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Pink drinks can help people run faster and farther compared to clear drinks

Pink drinks can run faster and farther than clear drinks, according to a new study led by the University of Westminster Dietary Supplement Center.

Researchers have found that pink drinks can improve exercise performance by 4.4% and also enhance the “feeling” effect that makes exercise look easier.

Studies published in the journal Nutrition frontierIs the first study to assess the effect of drink color on athletic performance and offers the potential to open new avenues for future research in the field of sports drinks and athletics.

During the study, participants were asked to run for 30 minutes on a treadmill at a speed of their choice to keep their exercise speed constant. During exercise, they rinsed their mouths with either a low-calorie pink artificially sweetened drink or an artificially sweetened, low-calorie clear drink.

Both drinks were exactly the same, only the appearance was different. Researchers changed the color of the pink drink by adding food coloring.

Researchers chose pink because it is related to the perceived sweetness, which raises expectations for sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Previous studies have also shown that rinsing the mouth with carbohydrates can improve athletic performance by reducing the intensity of perceived exercise, so researchers said that washing with a non-carbohydrate-stimulating pink drink We wanted to assess whether similar benefits could be elicited through the potential placebo effect.

The results show that while participants ran an average of 212 meters with a pink drink, their average speed during the exercise test also increased by 4.4%. The feeling of joy increased, and the participants were able to run more happily.

Future exploratory research is needed to determine whether the proposed placebo effect causes activation similar to the commonly reported reward areas of the brain when rinsing the mouth with carbohydrates.

The impact of color on athletes’ performance has long been of interest, from the impact on athletes’ kits to the impact on testosterone and muscle strength. Similarly, the role of color in gastronomy has received widespread interest, and studies have been published on how visual cues and colors affect subsequent flavor perceptions when eating and drinking. “

Dr. Sanjoy Deb, University of Westminster Research Author

“The results of our study combine the art of gastronomy with performance nutrition. Adding a pink colorant to an artificially sweetened solution not only improves the perception of sweetness, but also a sense of joy. , Self-selected running speed, and mileage will be improved. Run. “


Journal reference:

Brown, DR, et al.. (2021) Rinse your mouth with a pink, non-calorie, artificially swept solution to improve self-study running performance and pleasure for habitually active individuals. Nutrition frontier..

Pink drinks can help people run faster and farther compared to clear drinks

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