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Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) —The Midlands African Chamber of Commerce is on a mission to support the success of minority-owned businesses in our region.

The Chamber of Commerce holds a tournament called Pitch Black. Small business owners or people with business ideas market their business plans to a group of professional judges. The winner will bring back the grand prize.

Here are some of the businesses that have made it to the semi-finals of the contest in the coming weeks. 3 News Now Anchor Serese Cole begins with an adult clothing business with a strong and edgy message.

Fashion is James Buckley, Jr’s passion.

Those familiar with his style started in high school.

“We started a sneaker line called Fake Fly Kicks every day, which meant that I could grab something like clothes, push the story and then make a living. As a kid, we had a hoodie. I grabbed it and sold it out in two days, “remembered Buckley.

But as he grew older, he realized how he was perceived about some of his fashion options.

“I had dreadlocks. Having a horror in the combination of style and one of its nature is probably not the one I can talk to, or maybe this guy does this or it I think it pushed up the story people thought it would be, “Buckley recalled. “I have noticed that I am always judged by my perception and appearance. I will have a lot of negative energy based on my appearance.”

James’ message is that it’s not what you have, what’s inside you is important.

That was what drove him into the garment industry.

He decided to change the story and create his own line of clothes.

“We are a high-end streetwear brand. We are very much showing that we are pushing the story with the cruelty of FC closing. Investigate it,” he explained.

His apparel can be found at 365 stores and Farnum on the 15th.

But it’s not for kids.

“Oh, it’s edgy. It lives on the edge,” he laughed.

There are shirts, hats, jumpsuits and jackets.

“It’s high-end streetwear, but it’s still in an affordable pocket,” Buckley said.

Hyena is one of the trademarks of his brand.

“When you look at the wild, who moves in the unit? Hyena. It’s considered unsuccessful in itself, but it’s powerful together,” says Buckley. “That’s how we are in FC Clothing. Together as someone who creates a product for you, we can push this story together and do some dope things in the world.”

That’s happening after owning his own fashion business for over three years.

His big break came when his clothing line caught the attention of the popular online boutique Dolls Kill.

“We use multiple high-end platforms. Dolls Kill’s Instagram has 3.5 million followers, so we’ve expanded globally,” he said with pride.

Buckley said it was just the beginning.

“Where do you want to go from here?” Serese asked.

“To the moon, to the moon and back,” Buckley said.

There is no limit to the creativity of his clothes, but the goal remains the same.

“It’s really for everyone. At the store, you’ll be amazed at who I sell to. I sell to those who feel judged. It really caters to those who feel I’m judged. “I’m the one who does it,” Buckley said.

People who just want to be seen no matter what they wear.

If he wins the competition, Buckley said he would invest the money in his marketing and reach out to other small businesses in the metro to help him succeed.

To see his clothing line, stop by the 365 store on 1517 Farnum Street or visit the following URL:

The Pitch Black winner will receive $ 10,000. The 2nd place finisher will bring back $ 5,000 and the 3rd place recipient will leave with a $ 3,000 prize. The 4th and 5th place winners will both receive $ 1,000 to support their business growth.

For more information, please visit: Midlands African Chamber website.

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