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Pitti Uomo announces another three-day edition in January

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July 31, 2021

Faced with uncertainties over the next few months, Pitti Imagine decided to take a cautious approach for the upcoming winter season. In January of this year, the organizers of the Florence trade fair will duplicate the reduced format tested in late June and early July and return to the physical event after a year of pandemic-related turmoil.

Encounter in the 100th edition of Pitti Uomo-Pitty Imagine

As in June, two major trade fairs, the 101st edition of the menswear show Pitti Uomo and the 94th edition of the children’s clothing event Pitti Bimbo, will be held simultaneously at the same venue, Fortezza da Basso in Florence. Will be done. Basso presents its Fall / Winter 2022-23 collection from Tuesday, January 11th to Thursday, January 13th.

The only notable change is the fact that the event calendar has been moved up on one weekday. Winter sessions run from Tuesday to Thursday, not Wednesday to Friday as in previous editions. The idea is to avoid the usual spill of buyers on Friday. The event will be held again at the beginning of the season.

Elsewhere Pitti FilatiPrior to Pittiuomo and Bimbo in the June-July season, will be held in Stazione Leopolda, Florence, from Tuesday, February 1, 2022 to Thursday, February 3, 2022.

From June 30th to July, the final joint edition of the Pitti Menswear Trade Fair and Pitti Bimbo will be shortened from the usual 4 days to 3 days, with about 400 exhibitors (one-third of the usual 1,200). I welcomed you. 2.2.

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Pitti Uomo announces another three-day edition in January

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