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Mary Kneader Burger
Pittsburgh Current Educational Writer

Pittsburgh Public School has announced plans to return to school in April. The plan prioritizes a group of approximately 10,000 students, including students who are not progressing or who are only “somewhat” progressing and PreK and kindergarten students.

The plan, announced in a statement to the press late Monday night, states that students who are making progress identified by the district or making “positive” progress based on “valuable semester data” will return home. Not included.

“We look forward to a day when we can reopen the school for all our students, but for the students who most need to return to face-to-face instruction in a hybrid model to ensure a safe and healthy school community. It needs to be prioritized, “Anthony Superintendent Hamlet said in the release.

The data used by the school district includes student progress, attendance, socio-emotional learning elements, and special education plans in the arts of mathematics and English. It divides students into four groups:

  • Support Category 1: Students showing positive progress in e-learning.
  • Support Category 2: Students showing progress in e-learning.
  • Support Category 3: Students showing progress in e-learning.
  • Support Category 4: Students are not showing progress and / or are in kindergarten or PreK

Under this plan, Category 4 students, which account for 4,786 students, will return to the hybrid face-to-face learning program on April 6. This is the date set by the school board to return to face-to-face learning in January.

Category 3 people with 5,215 students will be back on April 26th.

These students participate in the AA / BB group system, AA students attend directly on Mondays and Tuesdays, and BB students attend directly on Thursdays and Fridays. The school is disinfected on Wednesdays and weekends.

Students with special needs who participate in Pittsburgh Pioneer and Pittsburgh Conroy participate in face-to-face learning four days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Category 1, number 3,085, and Category 2 students (including 7,136 students) do not have a return date under the current plan. Whether to include them in face-to-face learning depends on measuring social distance and the number of families who choose to keep their students in online learning.

Superintendent Anthony Hamlet understands that the Pittsburgh Teachers’ Federation wants all teachers to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 before returning to the classroom, but reopening of school will cause that to happen. He said he couldn’t wait.

“As a district, we are working with healthcare partners such as UPMC to do everything we can to schedule vaccination as quickly as possible as part of 1B vaccination,” Hamlet said in a release. .. “But it is impractical to continue to postpone. We will resume school until all teachers are vaccinated.”

He showed that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not require all teachers to be vaccinated to reopen school, and said the district’s mitigation strategy goes beyond what was announced by the CDC.

“We are ready to welcome our students with a hybrid approach when the school is scheduled to open on April 6,” Hamlet said in a press release.

These strategies include universal mask wear, physical distance, hand washing, breathing etiquette, facility cleaning, isolation and quarantine of identified cases, as well as contract tracking.

In addition, according to the release, the school board will approve the purchase of 220 air purifiers and replacement filters for use throughout the district at a legislative meeting on Wednesday.

Pittsburgh Public Schools lay out its April return-to-school plan Source link Pittsburgh Public Schools lay out its April return-to-school plan

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