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Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 Schedule: Weekly

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Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 Schedule: Weekly

Is Pittsburgh climbing up to seven stairs this year?

This is a weekly show of the Steelers schedule for the 2021 season.

Week 1: Pittsburgh 23, Buffalo 16

Week 2: Las Vegas 26, Pittsburgh 17

Week 3: Cincinnati 24, Pittsburgh 10

October 3rd, 4th week in Green Bay (4:25 pm)

Week 5 vs. Denver, October 10th (1pm)

Week 6 vs. Seattle, October 17th (8:20 pm)

October 31, 8th week in Cleveland (1 pm)

Week 9 vs Chicago, November 8th (8:15 pm)

WEEK 10 vs. Detroit, November 14th (1pm)

November 21st Week 11 at the LA Chargers (8:20 pm)

November 28, Week 12 in Cincinnati (1 pm)

Week 13 vs. Baltimore, December 5 (4:25 pm)

December 9, 14th week in Minnesota (8:20 pm)

Week 15 vs. Tennessee, December 19th (1pm)

Week 16 in Kansas City, December 26th (4:25 pm)

Week 17 vs. Cleveland, January 3 (8:15 pm)

January 9, 18th week in Baltimore (1 pm)

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