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Plan your life again, but keep it simple

“We shed light on the fact that death does not always occur at the age of 88,” said Hal Hirschfield. Associate Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making At UCLA Anderson School of Management, studying long-term decision making. “It can happen sooner.”

But even if new priorities are found for what is important and what is not, it is difficult to plan. A few months after he started living together, he was trapped with his girlfriend, and Houston auditor Marcus Garrett, 38, was convinced he wanted to marry her. “If you can survive a pandemic, you can survive anything,” he said. He proposed in March, but the couple aren’t thinking of a wedding until the fall of 2022. “It’s hard to imagine the tranquility,” Garrett said. “It feels like something ominous that drives it crazy, so what’s the point of planning?”

So what if you feel this kind of “future block”?

First, tell yourself that you can chase after the big and exciting things you want to do for yourself, even while you’re still recovering from the fear and loss of a pandemic. In other words, this may not seem like a good time to get married or have a baby, but it may not be a bad time.

“Now, or some versions now, may be a better time than any other time,” Hirschfield said. “This is part of the modified world we are in. There may be some sadness alongside the positives.”

Then get away from your head. Thinking about the future is not going to ease your anxiety about it. Instead, Dr. Michaelis advised us to take a small step towards our main goals. For example, if you’re thinking of moving, go to an open house. Or, if you want to start a romantic relationship, spend 10 minutes on the dating app. “Try something and see how it feels and works,” he said. “”The way the mind works, these seemingly insurmountable things, are now suddenly very feasible. “

Try lowering the voice that may be telling you that time is ticking when you aim big.. Changes may not happen as quickly as you might think. Let’s take time. That way, you may be able to better refine your goals in that space.

“I think we should have all the answers, even in the midst of uncertain and truly challenging events like a pandemic,” said a professor of psychology at Yale University.Happiness Lab ”podcast,Said. “The right thing to do if you’re struggling to make a decision is to give a little grace.”

Plan your life again, but keep it simple

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