Planning gatherings for kids as COVID-19 cases rise – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-14 08:20:04 –

One month after school began in Colorado, school-age children have the highest COVID-19 infection rates. Currently, most schools require students to wear masks inside the building, which leaves questions about how to approach out-of-school meetings.

Dr. Stitra Lao, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Colorado Children’s Hospital, said parents should apply many of the same principles we have learned since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“If you want to get the most out of your time outdoors, try to stick to a small group and wear a mask when you’re indoors,” said Dr. Lao.

At a press conference last week, state chief epidemiologist Rachel Harley said unvaccinated students faced increased risk outside of school.

“Currently, the infection rate is high in our state, so it’s a pretty dangerous time to take unvaccinated children to a large rally,” says Herlihy.

Dr. Lao said it is important to make sure that no one is experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 before gathering the children. For oversleeping — it may still be safe, but time is important.

“We know that the longer you spend with an infected person, the higher your risk of getting the virus,” she said.

Dr. Lao supported face-to-face learning and said it was important for children to spend time with their friends.

“Children need to be in school, be sociable, and go out there, so it’s very difficult to navigate these rules about what parents can and cannot do. Will be, “she said.

Ultimately, you will decide how much risk your parents are willing to accept and whether your family is more vulnerable to the virus.

“Many of these decisions will ultimately be based on individual families and their circumstances,” said Dr. Lao.

Planning gatherings for kids as COVID-19 cases rise Source link Planning gatherings for kids as COVID-19 cases rise

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