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Arlington, Texas 2020-11-19 15:45:32 –

Five years later, Arlington County is finishing up a complete street plan to improve walking, cycling and driving conditions along Army Navy Drive in the Pentagon City area.

The updated plan (90% complete) was announced at a virtual hearing on Wednesday. County officials are open to public comment on this version until December 4, with a final plan to be submitted next summer. Construction of the road section from S. Joyce Street to S. Ease Street is scheduled to begin in 2022.

The $ 16.87 million project aims to narrow lanes, widen bus-only lanes, protect left and traffic right turns, clean sidewalks, and shorten pedestrian crossings among cars, buses, bicycles, and pedestrians. I am aiming. To the south of Army Navy Drive is a two-way bike lane protected by trees.

“A Many signalings can improve safety, prevent fatalities and reduce collisions, “project manager John Lawler said at the meeting.

Collisions occur frequently at intersections. According to the staff, S. The HayesSt / I-395 off-ramp intersection experienced the second most collisions of the Arlington intersection in 2016.

This measure reduced the new Army Navy drive to two lanes in each direction, S. It means narrowing down to one lane east of Eads Street.

“Traffic in this segment is much less than the other four blocks in the project corridor,” Laura said in an email.

He said reducing lanes to accommodate the bus lane between S. Joyce Street and S. Hayes Street would actually improve flow because the bus wouldn’t block traffic while carrying passengers. ..

The lanes will be narrowed to slow down the car, but staff have no plans to suggest a lower speed limit of 35 mph, Laura said during the meeting.

Construction is still on the way. Staff expect construction to begin in the spring of 2022. Work is planned block by block to minimize confusion, so it could last until the fall of 2024. The original plan was to start in 2020 and end in 2022.

Laura thought the additional tasks required for the federal-sponsored project were delayed.

“This project took much longer than we had imagined to get document approval for the National Environmental Policy Act,” he said in an email.

He said the staff skipped 60% of the design steps to make up for the lost time.

After the median strip is removed, work will begin on the south side of Army Navy Drive. Start in the area where the Amazon HQ2 is located and move west along South Ease Street. When the median strip is replaced, the road will be repainted and striped, ending the project.

Laura said at a meeting that it “will not clash” with the construction of Amazon.

He said community feedback has led to two major changes. First, another block of protected bike lanes was added, S. Bicycle lane west of Lynn Street and S. A planned protected bike lane starting from Joyce Street has been connected.

“This eliminates the missing links in the system,” Roller said at the meeting.

He said the staff couldn’t insert this change into this project because of federal funding, and created another capital improvement project to address it.

From S. Lynn Street near Prospect Hill Park to S. Ease Street, Army Navy Drive “is pretty uncomfortable using scooters and bikes,” Roller told ARLnow after the meeting. “The change provides a safer route.”

The change will allow Army Navy Drive cyclists to more easily use the major East-West links to connect to the Mount Vernon Trail and reach Washington, DC, he said.

Another change was to fit the bumpy pedestrian slope to the pedestrian crossing. Initially, the slope was perpendicular to the pedestrian crossing. Pedestrian crossings claim to lead visually impaired pedestrians in dangerous directions.

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