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Plans for $400-billion new city in the American desert unveiled | St. Louis News Headlines – St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri 2021-09-07 15:45:00 –

(CNN)-Tokyo’s Cleanliness, Newyork’s Diversity, and Stockholm’s Social Welfare: Billionaire Marc Lore outlines his vision for a “new American city” of 5 million people worldwide. Appointed a famous architect. Design it.

Now he needs somewhere to build it, and $ 400 billion in funding.

Former Wal-Mart executives announced plans for Telosa, a sustainable metropolis that they want to build from scratch in the American desert last week. The ambitious 150,000-acre proposal promises eco-friendly construction, sustainable energy production, and a drought-resistant water system. The so-called “15-minute urban design” gives residents access to work, school and equipment within 15 minutes of their home.

According to the project’s official website, planners are still looking for a location, but could target the Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and Appalachia regions.

The announcement was accompanied by a series of digital renderings by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), an architectural firm hired to realize Lore’s utopian dreams. Imagine a house covered in greenery and a resident who enjoys a rich open space. Vehicles powered by fossil fuels are banned in the city, and self-driving cars are depicted running alongside scooters and pedestrians on sunlit streets.

Another image shows a proposal for a skyscraper called the Equitism Tower, called the “City Beacon”. The building features an elevated reservoir, an aerial farm, and an energy-producing solar roof that allows you to “share and distribute everything you produce.”

The first phase of construction, which will accommodate 50,000 residents across 1,500 acres, will cost an estimated $ 25 billion. The entire project is expected to exceed $ 400 billion and the city will reach its target population of 5 million within 40 years.

The project organizers said they would raise money from “various sources” such as private investors, philanthropists, federal and state grants, and economic development grants. Planners want to approach state authorities “immediately” with a view to welcoming their first resident by 2030.

New city model

In addition to innovative urban design, the project also promises transparent governance and what it calls a “new model of society.” Named after the ancient Greek word “telos” (a term used by the philosopher Aristotle to describe a unique or higher purpose), the city allows residents to “participate in the decision-making and budgeting process.” Allow that. Meanwhile, the community fund provides residents with co-ownership of the land.

In a promotional video, Lore described his proposal as “the most open, fairest and most comprehensive city in the world.”

Lore was founded Before selling to Wal-Mart and joining a major retailer in 2016 as head of e-commerce in the United States. He left the company earlier this year. Say it His retirement plans included producing reality TV shows, advising start-ups, and building a “city of the future.”

On Terosa’s official website, Lore explains that he was inspired by American economist and social theorist Henry George. Investors cite the “significant flaws” of capitalism and attribute many of them to the “American-built land-owning model.”

“Cities that have been built from scratch are like real estate projects,” Lore said in a promotional video for the project. “They don’t start with the central people. If you start with the central people, you will immediately wonder,” OK, what is your mission and what is your value? “

“Telosa’s mission is to create a fairer and more sustainable future. That is our North Star.”

Meanwhile, BIG founder Bjarke Ingels, a Danish architect, states that Telosa “embodies the social and environmental considerations of Scandinavian culture, as well as the freedom and opportunities of American culture.” It has been reported.

This is not the first new city planned by the Ingels company. Installation of famous slopes Above the Copenhagen power plant, we co-designed Google’s new headquarters in London and California. In January 2020, Japanese automaker Toyota announced that it had asked BIG to create a new master plan. City of 2,000 people It is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Although significantly smaller than Telosa, the project, called Woven City, promises self-driving car testing, smart technology, and a robot-assisted life.

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Plans for $400-billion new city in the American desert unveiled | St. Louis News Headlines Source link Plans for $400-billion new city in the American desert unveiled | St. Louis News Headlines

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