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Riverside, California 2021-07-30 00:49:43 –

The new 20,000-square-foot wildlife rescue center is located on the main campus of Texas State Aquarium and will be open to the public when it opens.

Corpus Christi, Texas — An exciting day, a treasure trove of the iconic Coastal Bend. Texas State Aquarium, When they embarked on what is called the “Corpus Christi Harbor Wildlife Rescue Center”.

New chapters are made possible by Corpus Christi Harbor, Dobson Family of Foundations, and some partners. The new $ 15 million, 20,000-square-foot rescue center will be set up on the aquarium’s main campus and will be open to the public next fall.

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The fact that the center is open to the public is one of the biggest new aspects associated with this facility, as the current facility on Rincon Road along the industrial area of ​​Corpus Christi is not open to the public.

Tom Schmidt, president and chief executive officer of Texas State Aquarium, says he is very much looking forward to seeing these rehab and rescue efforts in person for members of the community. ..

“We have a very important mission and we love the fact that it is our job. We engage people with animals every day and inspire them to thank them for what is here in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m trying, “Schmidt said. “It keeps me out of bed every day because our environment, and ultimately all the work, helps protect wildlife.”

According to Schmidt, the steel structure was inherited by the Texas State Aquarium 25 years ago. Their lease will expire soon, so when that happens, they are ready to move to a new center.

It was a long conversation, especially as the industrial areas and Corpus Christi Port continue to expand rapidly, but also because it was just a time of change.

“Salt environment. Highly corrosive and has exceeded its useful life.”

There are many additions to welcome and celebrate in the new facility, but the mission remains the same and thanks to the continued care of our 24-hour staff, it can be seen daily in the current facility Wildlife Recovery and rehabilitation.

“We have an entire team of people who are focused on taking care of injured animals and returning them to good condition.”

Among the animals cared for at the facility is a young Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf that Schmidt was found stuck just north of here, with his mother while the calf was still breastfeeding. It is believed that he died. The young dolphin has spent the last six weeks under the supervision of staff.

“Imagine he’s eating himself and gaining about 5 kilograms a week, so he’s gaining £ 10 a week!”

Schmidt says the dolphins are doing well and his team is working with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NOAA to determine the next step for calves.

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