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Platte, Clay County prosecuting attorneys oppose restriction of drug-case referrals – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Missouri — If a police station in Kansas City, Missouri stops referencing drug-related cases to prosecutors in Clay and Platte counties, these counties say drug abuse through treatment courts and other measures. You will not have the opportunity to deal with. lawyer.

Clay County Prosecutor Daniel White and Pratt County Prosecutor Eric Zand sent a joint letter to the KCPD Police Commission on Wednesday urging them not to adopt a policy of restricting referrals to drug cases for prosecution.

“The data cannot deny that illegal drug trafficking is fostering violence in our community,” writes Zand and White.

This letter was sent in response to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Ask KCPD to change how drug cases are handledCiting the analysis that the results in these cases are “not tied to public security, ineffective, costly, racially imbalanced and therefore not fairly enforced by this community”. There is.

Almost 90% of the murders in Pratt County over the last five years have occurred during drug trafficking, have been using illegal drugs, or have been committed by someone who has previously committed a drug breach, the letter said.

Prosecutors said that “a significant number” of murders were associated with “controll substance issues,” although they did not provide specific statistics for Clay County.

“If KCPD ceases to introduce drug cases, we will lose the opportunity to address the issue of substantive abuse of people through drug treatment courts, diversion programs and other efforts,” Zand and White wrote. “These programs help people deal with addiction before drug addiction further adversely affects their lives and communities in the form of additional criminal activity, unemployment, disruption of family relationships and other social illnesses. Helps to do. “

But Zahn and White also said that introducing nonviolent drug cases to their office should not discourage resources from violent criminal investigations.

“We have to do everything we can to combat violent crime, and some of this involves suspending drug trafficking, which often leads to violence,” they said in a letter. It was.

Despite the police’s position on drug cases, Zand and White said, “Replace the state’s law with the feelings of individual prosecutors, blame drug treatment courts, and most importantly, a system that compromises safety. I don’t want to create it. ” Of our community. “

Platte, Clay County prosecuting attorneys oppose restriction of drug-case referrals Source link Platte, Clay County prosecuting attorneys oppose restriction of drug-case referrals

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