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Ambridge (KDKA) —The mother has been charged with shooting and killing two children at her home in Beaver County.

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Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier has identified the suspect as 48-year-old Krisinda Bright. She has been charged with two murders. Bright is currently in Beaver County Jail.

Beaver County coroners have identified the victims as 16-year-old Chiara Bright and 22-year-old Jasmine Canadi. Both were shot in the head, the coroner said.

According to court documents filed by police, Bright called 911 and told the dispatcher that he had shot two children.

When the police arrived at the scene, Bright was at the front door of a house along Maplewood Avenue in Ambridge.

Bright opened his hands, arms, and clothes with blood, and when asked by the police, he told the police that it was the blood of the victim.

Police placed Bright behind the police car and she was transferred to the Ambridge police station.

Bright told police that he shot one of the children while lying in bed after being put in the interview room and reading his rights. She then told the police that she went downstairs, pointed her gun at another child, and triggered it.

According to criminal accusations, Bright told police that the gun did not fire, and after the child said, “Don’t shoot, call the police,” Bright fixed the gun and shot the child in the face.

Bright told police that the first child was still moving and not dead, so she went upstairs and shot her head again because she didn’t want to bother her.

Investigators at the crime scene reported that the first child had been found dead in the basement with a gunshot wound on his face and head. The second child died in the bedroom upstairs and had gunshot wounds on his face and head.

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The Ambridge School District issued a statement late Monday night, stating:

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Dear parents or guardians:

It’s a shame to let you know about the recent losses to our school community. On Monday, February 22, 2021, a student at Ambridge High School died. There is no doubt that this loss causes many emotions, concerns and questions for our entire school, especially our students.

The Ambridge Area School District has a crisis intervention team of professionals trained to support the needs of students, parents and school staff during these difficult times. The school district has counselors available to all students who need or may need assistance surrounding this loss or of any kind. Parents are also welcome to use the resources.

If you need additional information or help, feel free to contact Janice Zupsic, the principal of your next high school. jzupsic@ambridge.k12.pa.us Alternatively, call 724-266-2833 ext. 2287. In addition, Val Misencik can be reached by extension 724-266-2833. The 2377 will assist you in contacting a counselor for support.

We mourn the loss of the school community and make every effort to help you and your children.

Ambridge police were summoned to shoot at 900 blocks on Maplewood Avenue on Monday afternoon.

(Photo: KDKA’s Royce Jones)

(Photo: KDKA’s Royce Jones)

When they arrived, they found two dead in the house. Ambridge police chief John DeLuca called it a “horrible sight.”

Police closed the block as they gathered evidence.

KDKA said he had previously spoken to a witness on a bicycle and found a woman on the porch of a house handcuffed by police. Another witness says she was walking home with her son’s friend from oversleeping while all this was unfolding.

“I said,’Is it safe for us to take him home?’ And they said,’We must escort you.’ And I said, “It’s okay, but is it safe, what happened, did something bad happen?” He said, “We can’t tell you. “Rachel Kruse said.

Other news: Car Elementary School in the Fox Chapel area was closed on Tuesday due to a power outage, and a virtual learning day plan is being implemented.

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‘Please Don’t Shoot’; Mother Accused Of Shooting, Killing Her 16 Year Old, 22 Year Old Children – CBS Pittsburgh Source link ‘Please Don’t Shoot’; Mother Accused Of Shooting, Killing Her 16 Year Old, 22 Year Old Children – CBS Pittsburgh

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