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Plenty of $1,000 bonuses still available for Virginia Beach’s back-to-work incentive program – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2021-09-15 19:00:11 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Staffing issues still plague many businesses in the region. Not everyone gets back to work, even with a $ 1,000 bonus.

Staff shortages have hit Virginia Beach’s summer tourism industry hard. At one point, hotels in resort cities needed 1,100 employees.

“We had more business this summer than ever before, yet we had only 60% of our staff,” said Michael Woodhead, a consultant to the Hampton Roads Labor Force Council.

Woodhead helped the city council put together a plan.

Virginia Beach has funded a return-to-work incentive program and invested $ 400,000 in the initiative.

From that money, $ 250,000 was allocated to give each of the 250 employees a $ 1,000 bonus to take a full-time position in the hospitality industry. You can give up to 10 bonuses per business.

$ 1,000 from the fund went to marketing the program. The branded initiative is “Fund Your Fire”.

$ 50,000 was spent on research.

“COVID was confusing, but it wasn’t the only thing, so we’re trying to figure out how we got here,” Woodhead explained.

Woodhead said the data still need to be fully analyzed, but one of the biggest factors keeping people home is childcare.

“Many of our workers said,’Hey, it’s cheaper to stay at home,'” he said.

At this point, only about half of the $ 250,000 reserved for bonuses has been distributed, according to Woodhead.

But with the end of additional federal unemployment, things are beginning to recover, according to Woodhead. He also says the council is still waiting for many people to finish their vocational training before they can pay the bonus.

Woodhead also points out that the program, which started about a month and a half ago, is still relatively early.

“What we did in those six weeks is amazing,” Woodhead said. “Therefore, there is no reason to think that this program will not succeed. It will not succeed, so we need a little more time.”

Y-I’m not an Italian, I started participating in the program.

Owner Anthony DiSilvestro says he hopes to help fill the 120 openings in seven locations.

“I’m excited to do whatever I can to incentivize my employees so that they feel like they’re in a place where they’re welcomed and given the opportunity. That’s the purpose,” Di Silverstro said. Stated.

Woodhead wants a Virginia Beach business and those looking for a job still have the bonus to know the money.

“I’m still paying incentives to all the business owners there for the potential employees sitting there, that we still have the money to pay, and that I want to encourage you to achieve this, “he said.

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Plenty of $1,000 bonuses still available for Virginia Beach’s back-to-work incentive program Source link Plenty of $1,000 bonuses still available for Virginia Beach’s back-to-work incentive program

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