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Podcast shines light on case of missing Montana woman – Kansas City, Missouri

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Mizura — Next Killing of Gabby PetitePeople across the country are seeking more media coverage of other missing persons.

According to the state, Native Americans are four times more likely to go missing here in Montana. Database of missing and murdered indigenous peoples..

Kimberly Rolling, his sister No Ashley Rolling Heavy RunnerWas important in creating that database and coordinating law enforcement resources.


MMIP: Ashley Rolling Heavy Runner

MTN News had the opportunity to talk to her as a new podcast aimed at spotlighting the case of her missing sister.

Ashley Rolling Heavy Runner disappeared from Browning in 2017 at the age of 20.

“We need to get together. Our missing is important. It’s not just the picture on the flyer. They are sisters or brothers. They are intended to be at home with us. “Kimberly Rolling said.

Kimberly rolling

MTN News

Her sister didn’t stop looking for the answer. “The Ashley case was mishandled at the most important time, so we need to pay more attention to it.”

Kimberly says it took family efforts to get Ashley’s story on the news. “It took a very long time for Ashley to be seen in the press.”

She also said it was difficult to work with law enforcement agencies, saying “they were able to thwart Ashley’s case.”

MMIP Ashley Rolling Heavy Runner


MMIP: Ashley Rolling Heavy Runner

So the family conducted their investigation.

“It was very traumatic. At that time I was very numb. We were looking in the woods and I expected her to be like” I’m here ” I was screaming for her name, “remembered Kimberly.

That was four years ago, “it was very, very difficult. It was hard,” Kimberly told MTN News.

Heavy runner FB

MTN News

Kimberly says she took her to social media.

“It wasn’t until I went to Facebook and started posting to make sure everyone around the town, and the people I knew, knew. And those who care for and love her. Knew, and they were able to share it. “

Ashley’s whereabouts are still unknown, and the family is still looking for an answer as the search continues. But now a new form of media is sharing Ashley’s story-to anyone who will hear.

The “Up & Vanished” podcast focuses on Ashley Loring Heavyrunner

“I hope her story gets more coverage at the end of the day,” said podcast host Pain Lindsey.

Kimberly believes something has happened to Ashley and she wants to know what.

“If we continue to pay more attention to Ashley’s case, we will find the answer.”

Up and Vanished Podcast

MTN News

Lindsey, the narrator for the hit podcast Up and Vanished, agrees.

“I hope the podcast will continue to keep her story in the limelight and encourage others to talk about it,” Lindsey told MTN News.

Up and disappeared Covering cold cases across the country, this season we are focusing on Ashley.

Pain Lindsey

MTN News

Lindsey says she wants to resolve Ashley’s case and pay attention to thousands of other missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW) in the United States.

“Because we’re discussing a bigger issue here at MMIW, other outlets have covered it earlier. But the public lacks statistics on how serious this issue is, inequality, and indigenous women. I don’t really know what I’m doing. Discussing Ashley’s story is a sort of two-sided thing. “-Pain Lindsey, Pain Lindsey’s podcast host.

In recent years, public attention has been brought to Ashley’s story, and Kimberly says she hopes to eventually get some closure throughout this time.

“Having Ashley is about regaining my life. I know it won’t go back to normal, but it’s part of me that I can’t lose looking for her. My family and I — we It has changed over the last four years, but we have lost who we are because of the very difficult parts we have to deal with-Ashley, someone very big in our family-I Part of our hearts are missing. Getting them answered, knowing, and regaining Ashley will mean the world to us. “-Kimbury Rolling

An investigation into Ashley’s disappearance is underway, and the FBI is urging anyone with information to contact the Salt Lake City FBI Office (801) 579-1400 or 1-800-CALL-FBI. increase.You can also send case tips Online here..

KPAX’s Katie Miller first reported this story.

Podcast shines light on case of missing Montana woman Source link Podcast shines light on case of missing Montana woman

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