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Portland, Oregon 2021-01-23 11:46:55 –

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I am walking on the pedestrian crossing at the four-way intersection at night. There are bright stop signs in every corner. I don’t wear a reflective vest or use a nightlight. I have one. My bad. Also, many others don’t wear reflective jackets or blink lights. For your information. That’s a bad excuse, but it’s a reality. No one wants to be seen wearing that shiny yellow. Yes, it’s useless. Humans are useless.
Roll up to the stop sign at the pedestrian crossing. Stopping is what you do. I also add, you are supposed to look in all directions before you go. I think almost every driver is looking in all directions, not stopping at the pause sign. They are looking left for their escape, not towards you, especially if they are turning right. So you accelerate, but suddenly you stop looking at me in front of you. I’m sorry, I was already crossing from the other side of the street and was now in the middle of the road, so I thought you saw me walking. I waved my hand. You moved. I approached your car, you rolled the window.
You said, “You can’t see, dark clothes.” It’s okay to make excuses every time you come across someone. You didn’t get very close. Those who say they are almost overrun are usually exaggerated. I’m sorry, but I clearly state that I am responsible. I said, “You should pay attention.” I think you should. A stop sign means to stop and look in all directions. There is one direction in front of you.
It is possible that both sides have made a mistake and both sides are blaming the other. Instead of being unaccountable, why can’t it be admitted that both sides are wrong and wrong, even if you don’t see it?

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