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The report named at least nine students and the school’s disciplinary officers, Gary Johnson and Thedore Lovato. They told their agents that at least six players had been suspended for allegations after they interviewed members of the football team.

After suspension, five of the six parents sued the school for no evidence that the student had participated in Kasumi.

“When you insist on horrific behavior and say horrible things are happening, the school has a duty to investigate and keep all students safe, which robs my clients of the constitution. We don’t make the sacrifice to label the client correctly as a criminal, even though nothing has been proven to the client. “

The debate was upheld in court on Friday, and six students were resurrected and allowed to return to school and play homecoming games. However, some say that the ruling prioritizes football over student safety.

“It does not prioritize games over safety, but over claims the Constitution,” Arcreta said.

KOB 4 also contacted the school district for comment on today’s ruling, and the supervisor sent us a statement:

“The Pohoak Valley School District is strongly opposed to today’s ruling. PVSD believes it has a duty to ensure the safety of all students and, if necessary, as in this case. Immediate action must be taken to fulfill. Unfortunately, the court has fallen into the hands of the district and has imposed unnecessary restrictions on the actions that can be taken to protect PVSD students, “said Sondra Adams. I did.

Currently, only five families participated in the proceedings against the school while six of the students were suspended, but two students were seen on Friday and the judge ruled in their favor. I gave it. Therefore, to maintain fairness, the district has revived all six students.

All six had the opportunity to play tonight, but since they are minors, their identities were not disclosed, so there is no way to know if they played. But tonight’s homecoming game was crowded. Students and parents filled the stand when the soccer team took them to the field.

KOB 4 asked some parents watching the game what their opinions were about the hazy ruling. Most didn’t comment, others say they agree with the ruling, but some parents offend them when they know that their students may be in the field I say to let you.

Pohoaki student Orcino’s uncle said, “I think students should have played either way because this is the only time to enjoy such sports and activities, but parents like I said are responsible to some extent. I think we should be asked. ” Wagner said.

Pohoaki student Amanda’s parents said, “They can play tonight because they are someone else in terms of their parents, which is a form of assault, and they also need to legally suffer from those consequences. I don’t think it should have been, “said Arietta.

These students were allowed to return to school and play games, but some safety measures were taken. According to the school, the six students accused of being hazy had to change into a changing room separate from the rest of the team and were always under supervision.

Friday’s ruling is not the end of the proceedings. There will be another hearing next Wednesday.

To read the full news release from Pohoak Valley School District click here..

Pojoaque HS students under investigation for alleged sexual hazing Source link Pojoaque HS students under investigation for alleged sexual hazing

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