Polestar 2 owners can download more power

Back to Goodwood Festival of Speed, Pole star Proven A hotter version of the Polestar 2 electric sedan.. The company hinted at a possible production model.And now some of them are in production and the owner doesn’t have to buy the whole thing New car.. They will only be able to download some extra horsepower.

Apparently, the electric motor on it Good tree The prototype was the same as that used on a regular dual motor Polestar 2, Uses its own powertrain calibration. The calibration is currently available in several European countries and will be sold later in other markets, including North America. Add 67 hp and 15 lb-foot torque to the dual motor car for a total of 469 hp and 502 lb-foot torque. Owners simply purchase from the Polestar Extras online store and download it to their car via wireless update.This doesn’t really make much difference ECU calibration Volvo And Polestar sell the current Volvo model, Polestar 2 It’s completely electric and the owner doesn’t need to visit dealer For installation.

This power upgrade does not completely replace the existing Polestar 2 with the hot rods that were in Goodwood.The car also received a more adjustable Öhlins suspension with stiffer springs and a 6-piston front. break Caliper from Polestar 1, Carbon fiber Chassis brace and some visual add-ons. Obviously, these physical parts aren’t really downloadable. But I would like to know if Polestar will roll out a new trim line with some of these features, or perhaps start selling parts individually.

Powertrain calibration will be available in the US and Canada this spring. There is no final price in the US, but for reference, the price in Europe is around € 1,000, or just over $ 1,100. Calibration is also available on the dual-motor Polestar 2, so single-motor owners must use the one that originally came with the car.

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Polestar 2 owners can download more power

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