Polestar Announces Making Electric SUV Made in USA

Volvo-owned Polestar announced that it will manufacture the next “Performance SUV” in the United States from the latter half of 2022. The model will be assembled with other Volvo products at a Swedish company facility in South Carolina. In addition, Chinese parent Zhejiang Geely Holdings will provide an opportunity to make a meaningful move in the North American market, reducing ammunition for critics to refer to EV-focused Polestar as a foreign brand.

“Polestar 3 is manufactured in the United States for our customers in the United States,” said Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar. “I remember the great reaction when I first shared Polestar’s vision here in the United States. I’m proud that the first SUV will be manufactured in South Carolina. From now on, the United States is no longer an export market, but a domestic one. It will be a market. “

It makes sense to choose Polestar 3. Crossover cars are now popular all over the world, but the Western market seems to be the most hungry for them, and many manufacturers have determined that demand for electric hatchbacks is approaching peak. However, the brand wants everyone to focus on its expanding footprint, especially when it comes to how to secure capacity soon, both in the United States and China.

“Production in the United States will reduce the delivery time and environmental impact of shipping vehicles around the world. It will also have a positive impact on the price of Polestar 3,” said Dennis Nobelius, COO of Polestar. I will. “All of this makes the brand even more competitive in the important American sales market.”

The crossover is supposed to be a medium-sized, high-end electric with legal performance chops and space for five people. Rumor has it that it offers a range of over 300 miles on a single charge and styling for European models. Possible rivals include imported products such as the Audi E-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace.

Volvo Cars will invest $ 118 million in a South Carolina facility to build Polestar 3, but there are some doubts about how much it expects. EVs are still a niche segment with a market share of less than 2%. However, this model shares the SPA2 platform with the upcoming next-generation Volvo XC90, which will also begin assembly in the United States in 2022. The Polestar 3’s underproduction could probably be mitigated by the stable XC90 output. The facility is also not yet close to its annual production capacity of 150,000 units.

Polestar said it expects production to begin globally in 2022. Details will be announced from then until now.

[Image: Polestar]

Polestar Announces Making Electric SUV Made in USA

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