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Tampa, FloridaWFLA) – Northport police station official said Wink Investigators made a mistake in the Brian Laundry case. The agency said they thought they were watching Laundry carefully before he went missing, but in fact confused him with his mother.

Police began looking at the Laundry family’s home after Petite was reported missing, according to Northport police. Officers reported seeing Brian Laundry leaving in gray Mustang on September 13, but spokesman Josh Taylor said Brian’s mother was with his son when Mustang returned on September 15. He said he thought he made a mistake.

“When the family reported him [missing] It was certainly news for us that they didn’t see him on Friday, “Taylor said. “We thought we first saw Brian come back to the house that Wednesday.”

Laundry initially said he hadn’t seen Brian since Tuesday, but later changed his statement on Monday.

It’s not entirely clear how the turmoil happened. Taylor said Roberta Laundry was wearing a baseball cap and the two were “like made in the same way.”

“They came back from the park with that Mustang. So who does it? Right? For example, if you think your son is missing from Tuesday, take his son’s car home. Take it home. So it didn’t make sense for everyone to do that if he wasn’t there, so I thought it was Brian who went out wearing a baseball cap, “Taylor said.

Northport Police Press Conference on September 16 Chiefd Garrison expressed his frustration with a lack of answers About the disappearance of Gabby Petite.

Garrison added that there was no suspicion of crime in the case at the time, and police were investigating the missing person’s case focusing solely on finding Petite.

At a press conference, the reporter asked the garrison director, “Do you know where Brian Laundry is now?” Garrison replied “yes”, apparently thinking he was in his parents’ house.

Laundry family lawyer Steve Bertolino confirmed it the next day The whereabouts of their son were unknown..

The statement came after the police spent 2 hours or more at the laundry house, At the request of the family.

NewsNation Brian Entin Police reported that he was watching Laundry before he put a surveillance camera around his family’s house and disappeared, but they missed him going to the reserve. Authorities said the lack of accusations against Laundry prevented them from taking more drastic steps.

“What I say is that we were the ones who did everything with our power to get the answer to this. If we make a mistake, every investigation is accompanied by human error. It certainly wasn’t due to taking it seriously, or due to the hustle and bustle or lack of knowledge. Sometimes things happen, “Taylor said.

According to Bertolino Brian’s parents said, “I’m personally sad in Florida.“With my daughter Kathy. So far, they don’t have a formal funeral plan for Brian.

Police admit to mistaking Roberta Laundrie for Brian Laundrie during week he disappeared Source link Police admit to mistaking Roberta Laundrie for Brian Laundrie during week he disappeared

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