Police charge South Carolina man in connection with 40-60 car break-ins – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-11-25 11:34:50 –

Gaffney, South Carolina (WSPA) – The Gaffney Police Department has arrested a man in connection with the invasion of 40-60 cars.

Detective Cody Turner says this is the biggest car intrusion if he worked at the police station for 13 years.

7News received surveillance footage from a Gaffney company alleging that it had been attacked. Across the street, Warren Harrison, who owns Performance Automotive, said his business was hit many times.

“It infuriates you, because I got a couple of customers who are really angry about it. They even threatened to never come back. It’s a problem happening up and down the street.” Harrison said.

Police believe Eddie Sutton was the cause of numerous recent intrusions at multiple car body and car repair shops, according to Turner. He says the company and Sutton were able to determine that by surveillance video from wearing the same outfit in all videos.

“In the clothes we could decide, hey, this is our same guy. We lost height, weight. Often, especially over a month, they change.” Detective Turner said.

According to Turner, the first invasion was on October 23, and Sutton was arrested on November 20. Sutton said he had received 18-19 warrants so far. Turner said cutting fences at the Body Shop and breaking into cars has caused a number of malicious injuries.

Turner said the suspect could face three to five years with each intrusion, if convinced.

According to Turner, Sutton was looking for cash and valuables. In Performance Automotive, Harrison said $ 40 to $ 50 was taken from his customer. He also said he had to pay about $ 500 to repair his fence.

According to Harrison, the invasion happened weekly.

“He didn’t close the car door completely, so from one day to the next, when the car door was open, you would know he was here again.” Harrison said.

He said he wanted customers to know that he was doing everything he could to keep everything safe in his store.

“We lock the fences every night, lock the cars, put the video cameras on everything and try to keep an eye on things,” he said.

Harrison said he was grateful for everything they did to get the Gaffney police station and the suspect out of the street.

According to Turner, Sutton will hold a hearing on Thursday. He said they were still hearing from more victims and finding more cars in the surveillance video.

Police charge South Carolina man in connection with 40-60 car break-ins Source link Police charge South Carolina man in connection with 40-60 car break-ins

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